Friday, May 18, 2018

Another Day for a Celebration

Easter, then Mother's Day have come and gone so quickly I haven't had time to draw breath, now in Canada our May 24th Statutory Holiday Victoria Day is upon us, and Memorial Day in the United States.  Looming on the horizon is that special day of each year to celebrate Father's!

Father's are just as special as are Mother's!  Dads are their children's' heroes, they in a daughters' eyes are the Knights on White horses, they're the one who gives great cuddles, reads bed time stories and walk their daughters down the Isle.  They become the teacher on how to with mechanics, basketball, hockey and the sports their sons enjoy playing, they coach, they drive from venue to venue, they pay for the costs of those sports or sporting events, they are strong, they can do anything and everything.  This is the generalities of Father's Day and why we celebrate them with reverence as we did last month with our mother.  

From SOCIALTYES  my shop for mens' vintage fashion accessories, I am sharing some of those wonderful retro items there are for men...

Have a wonderful long weekend, whether it be Victoria Day or Memorial Day, be safe on the roads and enjoy your time together with family and friends....

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Accents of Copper

I am certain you are aware of Copper and how over the ages it has been treasured to beautify a room with copper planters, or a kitchen with copper cookware, or just because you love the look of copper.  What ever your reason for your appreciation of this red-brown metal the items made from it can be endless. 

My late mother so enjoyed copper products for her home, she collected it for over 50 years and used it not only to cook with in her kitchen, but used copper as a focal accent in many rooms of her home.  Her love of this metal and how it casts its brilliance in a room was as I said focally used, such as planters, and accents which she managed to place in small niches where the shine of the copper would draw the eye to itself and whatever surrounded it.  Many times it one piece or another would catch someone's interest and a lengthy conversation would begin, where it came from, did it have history, what was its functional use, if it had a use, etc. 

I am pleased to share some of the many Copper pieces I have in the shop with you today, such as this wonderful Kettle with its Delft blue with white handle.  NO, it was never used to boil water in or the making of a pot of tea, but it was a beautiful accent set upon the hearth of the huge fireplace where other smaller copper pieces such as planters or copper jugs were also place and used to hold wonderful succulent trailing pearls of the sea, or a wandering jew.  Flowers and plants are a staple in a dutch family home to be certain. 

This little pear shaped lidded canister was one of my favorites while growing up.  When I was little and still played with dolls, I used it for a doll purse, which of course made my mum laugh, but the rule was, put it back when not using father would use it once in awhile to leave my siblings and me treasure hunt messages and if we were sharp enough we'd be rewarded with a chocolate bar or some licorice at the end of that hunt..

This piece always sat on the round maple table in the Den with a brass candlestick holder as well as a long handled brass bell.  During my teen years and while these were accent table ornaments were also made use of on occasions.  When some of my fathers' colleagues would come to visit the ashes were emptied from ashtrays into this and the candlestick held a candle to cut the smoke from their cigarettes or cigars....

This copper 1 Liter milk can was used years and years ago to collect milk from the dairy farmer whose cart stopped along side homes.  In Holland before the convenience of super markets and plastic containers came into being, households would buy much of their staples from vendors who made their wares available, their vendor carts were filled with dairy products, fresh breads, flour and spices for baking, vegetables, and even freshly caught carts with fish and eel.  What vendors did not sell on their carts were sold in neighborhood shops, where a huge leather shopping bag was always a necessity as paper bags were a luxury item and plastic shopping bags not in existence yet.

Planter pots as I has told you were popular in so many Dutch homes, these planters came in many shapes and sizes from long and oblong, oval, round, as well as rectangular and square.  This is but one of those little copper planters used and placed out of doors during the spring and summer months filled with a blooming flowering plane, or in winter with trailing greenery.. 

As stated Copper is a beautiful metal and throughout the ages has been used.  The Dutch are a people who made this metal come alive and be useful within their tiny homes to make is pleasingly cozy. 

Goodness only knows just how many pieces of copper I have unpacked so far and if more pieces will become unearthed as I wade through the locker and each time I find another I am taken back to sometime or another when my mother would handle it, either to care for her plants, or place fresh cut flowers and use it to hold a creation she'd made. 

Our Victoria Day (May 24th) here in Canada is looming, Harry and Meghan's wedding just a full day away, and Memorial Day for those of you living in the United we are all in for some great activities and events this weekend, Enjoy and be safe. 

Monday, May 14, 2018


Hello and Happy Monday to you!

It has been a few busy days here in my overcrowded home space.  

Pink or Blush apparently is the color chosen by Pantone for 2018, welllllll I just happen to have loads of pink and blush vintage glass in my Vintage Family Estate Treasures shop!

Flowers such as these always take my breath away as well as amaze me, their colors are so vibrant and in such a variety of shades, are these not super beautiful?
Makers of glass over the centuries have managed in some miraculous mimicry of nature to produce glass in color such as the color PINK!  I chose a few pink items from the shop to support this 2018 chosen color..such as

Cafe Glass Plate from Anchor Hocking from the 1930's, so delicate looking yet in perfect condition and very solid.  Such a very pretty piece to use while entertaining from petit fours, delicate shortbread cookies, beautifully colored meringues..and so much more.

These Tintern hand painted under glaze from the 1950's ALFRED MEAKIN Sandwich Plates...

 Then there is this wonderful Frosted Blush Pink Dish with a gold metal stand that might be used in a guest room, or a powder room who knows where you might wish to use it to hold.  Isn't it absolutely so delicately beautiful? 
As well as a small frosted glass bowl with etched diamond point border surrounding a pretty stched flower in its center and surrounded by a swirled edge...again, a delicate looking bowl, but in every way strong and in pristine condition....It is definitely a Depression Era piece but try as I might I could not discover the maker of this beautiful little delicate bowl.  Would it not look beautiful with a plum jam in it set among your other breakfast or brunch condiments?

AND finally I chose this gorgeous 1980'd double sided condiment or Bon Bon dish from Mikasa.  It certainly while looking mauve falls into the category of being in the Pink colorway.  A beautiful dish to set upon a wooden side board or occasional table in the will hold condiments to set on table while entertaining or in your living room to hold delicious Bon Bon chocolates, or even in a Guest Powder room to hold those dainty colored guest soaps....

All in all, thanks to Pantone for choosing this years' color these and many more pretty pink items may be discovered inside my family estates treasure shop.

The weather is gently turning the Blah end of winter into an exciting warm sprint and I am off to take full advantage of the day..I wish you the same enjoyment from Ms. Spring's arrival.... 

Monday, May 7, 2018

Vintage Incandescent Lighting

It is a beautiful but still chilly day here in Eastern Ontario where I live and I hope you are enjoying wonderful weather too!

I actually made time to hang out my washing and it has that wonderful fresh air scent to it all and tonight I will enjoy inspecting my bed when finally I turn off the lights. 

I have a few lamps to show off to you today, these vintage lamps all provide wonderful room accents and incandescent lighting to enhance many rooms in your home, or placed on your office desk, or a side table somewhere to show it off and all may be purchased from my shop.

This beautiful hob Nail Mauve and White Glass Hurricane Lamp was one of my late mother's favorite.   She used this in the Guest Bedroom and it was a beautiful accent piece.  It burns oil, but was never put into actual use.

This particular Hobnail Milk Glass lamp was a favorite of my late father who used it daily for his bedside lamp.  He would read for hours late into the night and this lamp has burned brightly for years since the mid 1960's. 

This very pretty Majolica Lamp with florals in relief was made in Italy and a wonderful room accent.  Household lamps were moved may time while my late father was in Military Service, many fabric over plastic lamp shades were damaged or destroyed in long distance moves, but somehow a shade to match this base was found and replaced sometime in the late 1970's.  

These hardly seen bottles by Anton Riemer Schmid Distillery, Munich Germany and turned into electric light lamps in 1948 and owned by my late parent since that time.  

I just added this lamp today.  It is a beautiful 1940's Vintage CloisonnĂ© Brass Enamel Chinese Blue with Chrysanthemum Florals carved ChamplevĂ© Lamp Ruyie Border in Midnight or Cobalt Blue.  It is a stunning lamp and a beautiful room accent. 

There remains so many Family possessions left for me to uncover, all sadly still holding in a storage locker which I hope to have emptied very soon.  

Being the one responsible for these personal effects is daunting, but the wonderful rediscoveries is worth it when you finally get into that locker and unpack another container.... 

For those who may be interested in any of these wonderful Incandescent Lamps this is where you can see them for sale....30% off all year round....The shop is a 24/7, 365 day affair, so it is conveniently open at your convenience....

You are most welcome to browse my shop at any time, and, should you have any questions about any article, please feel free to contact me.  NO CHARGE for answers or information you may be seeking. 

As always, your comments are most welcome.  

Wednesday, May 2, 2018


There is a need for me to rid myself of items in all of my shops due to lack of space in my tiny home to store everything as well as having a storage locker to pay for, so in that vein there is a 10% OFF sale going on at SOCIALTYES which already has low prices for men's vintage items, such as Ties, Shoes, Belts, Cuff Links,Bow Ties, Hats and winter wear.  

As Prom time is fast approaching I was reading that some of tomorrow's fine gentlemen are already fashion trend dressing with used vintage men's wear.  

Not these winkelpickers are really retro and would be spiffy on a fellow's feet!  These were called Winklepickers in Great Britain, and were called pointy toes in Canada during the 1960's and like womens' pointed toed shoes, men also wore these and were very fashionable, at that time in years gone by.
Seemingly these are making a comeback in men's fashions today as the younger generation love being totally different.. they choose their own styles!

Or this 1950's retro Llama Fedora!

Then there is also a 10% off in The Bag Lady From The Bay's shop, 10% off is a nice little savings especially since the Canadian Dollar is already saving a Buyer $0.19 on their dollar.....

I enjoy my hobby of making sewn items and quilting fabrics to use in my zippered bags very much but......these need to go....

These are some fun fabrics and I loved quilting them and then turning these into wonderful cosmetic bags, so great for just about any use a bag could be used for....

I also make these BIZZZEE BAGS for children.  Makes a child happy to have his or her own bag to cart all of their favorite take along toys.  These bags are so helpful to mum and dad, as once the child chooses his or her special playthings, or books to schlep along to grandmother's house or a visit with family or friends.  The child gets to keep themselves amused while you get to visit. 

AND all of these items are on sale.  

I committed to a place mat order which means I will be spending some time in front of my favorite tool ever, my sewing machine. 

Made with different fabrics of course, but in this style....whooppee....

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If you should have any questions about anything in this Blog, please, don't hesitate to leave me a comment or a question and I would be chuffed to hear from you.