Sunday, March 19, 2017

Unpacking The Past

My late mother and aunt were gatherers in every sense of the word of just about anything and everything imaginable.  These ladies were born and raised in the City of Amsterdam, became war brides and immigrated to Canada with some of us children in tow.  Having survived WWII, hunger, deprivation and losses of their family members, homes and being displaced, they believed they were deserving of these bits and baubles as they were want to call the multitude of possessions they amassed during their lifetimes.  

My Mum at 85 and still beautiful
I have still one storage locker filled with articles of furniture and over 100+ boxes and Rubbermaid totes to prove this.  Today, these ladies would be called HOARDERS, I just called them mum and aunt and loved their idiosyncrasies dearly.

So yesterday I began the daily task of sifting through 5 boxes I managed to extract from the storage locker and bring home.  In those boxes I discovered many more Jewelry boxes....filled with....Vintage jewelry.  Would you believe me when I tell you I have so far unpacked 7 jewelry boxes filled full of real as well as costume jewelry????

So much so that it becomes overwhelming.  Some of these brooches I found are exquisite, some are real gold or silver pieces, some gems to be sure, others are mostly costume pieces, but so vintage!  My late mother and aunt were fashion frenzied but my they sure looked beautiful when all decked out in much of their finery with fashionable jewelry accessories!

I know I haven't seen so many clip on earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, or brooches all in one place as I have in recent days.  I am not certain yet, but I am hoping this is the last of the jewelry boxes.  *one weekend nearing the Christmas holiday, I spent three days going through tin boxes of buttons....oh my now it's real and costume jewelry I am sorting through.

Here are but some of the pieces I have found.

These are but some of the brooches!

 Some of the amassed clip on earrings!

And necklaces, just haven't photographed many of these yet - many of these have or will find their way into the shop online.  I actually have 3 bags filled with costume jewelry pieces where either the strand(s) broke, or the brooches without pins or bits and pieces of bracelets without clasps or broken links all of which are going to a young person who recycles and she will be glad of the supplies to be certain, but again I find this so overwhelming. 

This task I seem to have been set on accomplishing may at the slow rate I am progressing take another year, but, in all truth as overwhelming as this all is, the memories many of these boxes yield are as precious as they are physically demanding. 

WANNA COME AND PLAY WITH ME?  Cookies and milk for everyone!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Since 2015.....

My home became very congested with vintage and antiques items from the loss of family members.  Small size 6 steps by steps I am regaining some control over my personal space which I haven't seen inside my home in years. 

The younger of the families are really not associated with or into vintage or antiques or the memories with the 100's of items rescued from a plethora of boxes and containers which made up much of my life.  

Now I have gone into full throttle Reclamation mode, wanting my home back to enable me once again to set up the sewing room and play with my fabrics and it is my fervent hope that Bygonera will help me do just that, because I too am getting far older than I am happy about!  Much of my Charity work has been set aside for the time being so I might devote more time to making holes (*space*).   To this end I have many things with dozens of memories to share with anyone who would care to look and listen...R U READY??

My Paternal Grandmothers' Hand Made Quilts

I unpacked my late mothers' linen cupboard and unearthed at least 7 Mid Century all Cotton Quilts, one of which remains for sale over at BYGONERA

THIS single bed sized Embroidered Red and Pink Roses having twelve (12) approximately 13" Blocks and measures 76" in Length by 60" in Width!

There are a variety of pink rose blocks and there are red rose blocks, all of which were Hand Embroidered and then Hand Pieced and Quilted by hand totally made from 100 % Cotton Broadcloth and which the maker termed a Summer Utility Quilt because she used no Batting!

How do I know all of this, I know because the maker of this and many, many other quilts were made by my Paternal Grandmother! This was my grandmothers' method of relaxation and she made quilts from the time she was a young girl. With little money bedding was expensive, so she made all of their bedding. After 11 children became 11 distinct families, literally everyone has more than one of Grandma's quilts because she made so many of them. My grandmother also made quilts for Military Hospitals during WWII and donated each and every one as she had 6 sons who were all part of Canada's fighting forces....

 ***Beautifully embroidered Roses adorn this single bed quilt

**Hand Quilted as can be seen as this is a photo of the back of this quilt.....

Now tell me you do not appreciate this gem?  There are more and two have already gone to other homes but more of these beauties remain and soon will make their way into the Etsy shop. 

Hmmmmmm I wonder where my love of quilting stems from??

Look, if your not into vintage (*old*) quilts, but you are a Retro or Vintage loving individual, come on over, check out what I have in the shop so far, NO OBLIGATION.....

C Ya...

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Pedal to the Metal!

I'm catching up with still five days left to amass more inventory for the upcoming local Fair next weekend.  Seeing as we are scheduled for three days I certain want a larger variety of inventory.  

Here are three which I made this morning, the others from last week have already joined many others in the travel tote box. 

I so enjoy the process of actually quilting the fabrics I use in my bags.  Be they large or small, I so enjoy the actual quilting process, and while I am sitting there quilting my fabrics I get to wool gather....not even finished one bag but already planning another.  

Here is but a small cosmetic bag, or, if the person who buys it wants it can be a bag for anything at all....

I adore fabrics which are bright, and most of all I favour natures beautiful Dragonfly's' so when I find some I hoard them for far too long, finally I grabbed this beautiful red with metallic outlined Dragonfly's and flowers.... Is it not a pretty patterned piece of fabric?

Now I believe this turned out really nice.  It is small as in 5 1/2" High/Tall by 6 1/4" wide and 2 3/4" at it's bottom.  

Next up is one made from silver dyed suede.  It came from a remnant and it turned out to be so pretty.  It has a tiny bit of finished dimensions being 5 1/8th" High/Tall by 6 3/4" in width with 2 3/4" at its bottom!  Not really so noticeable, but certainly the difference in the fabric makes up for some minor differences in the finished product...wierd huh?

AND finally, I made a different style altogether from a design pattern from Atkinson Designs.  These are so useful and I am never able to keep these in stock.  I make so many and have none left over.  I have one lady who bought three and using them for various out of doors activities, once certainly for her Geo-Caching adventures the uses so very diverse.  

This little cinch bag with zip pocket measures 9 1/2" in Length by 6 3/4" in width.  I certainly like the colour combination of this little dual purpose bag, Red, white and blue, but enjoy having mingled the lady bugs with the flowers. It was fun to make. 

over the past many months given up time to the Vintage shop, so this past month and a half (almost 1/2 of July has disappeared already) can you believe it.  I was moaning so long for Spring and summer to arrive and now I am astonished to see I have frittered away almost one month of official summer!  I have been cheating a bit too, since my Student left I have been watching my beloved GOLF and of course now the PanAM Games have begun!  Have you seen the Opening Ceremonies?  Were they not stupendous?  Well, I thought they were and Toronto has every reason to be proud of itself, job well done....

Now it is once again time to push myself away from the computer and head on back to the sewing machine, once again it is pedal to the metal time.  These remaining days must be put to the best use possible. 

Have fun, stay safe, remain cool and come back to visit soon. 

“When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say, I used everything you gave me.”– Erma BombeckRead more:

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Children love their own personal items as well as their own personal space.   

I make these bags just for children, but while the children have the fun, mum dads, even grand parents benefit from these because the child is busy playing and not bored while the adults visit.   I call my bags that I make BIZZEEE BAGS, and many of these bags never get to the on line shop!   

Last week a repairman who came to fix my furnace was telling me his little 3 year old just loves his toy bag, it goes everywhere with him.  It has been washed and washed since it was given to him at Christmas time as a stocking stuffer gift from his granny and it is one of his favourite things he carts around and takes along when they travel to visit with family and friends.  He has it brimming full of all his own stuff....

This is the bag I finished this morning from a little boys sheet.  I have made several from this sheet and they never stay in my inventory for very long.  Making a new item by giving something used a new life through up-cycling is a good thing , wouldn't you agree?    The bag I made this morning can be found here.

Children love things that are different as well as eco-friendly.  Our children are now being taught to conserve, recycle and reuse as much as possible.  

Here we have cute up-cycled Lunch Totes for little girls...not only would these lovelies make great lunch totes, but given the fabric used would be wonderful to take along to the beach with a towel, beach shoes and swimsuit.  The open weave will allow any loose sand to sift out leaving the majority of accumulated sand at the beach and not anywhere else...I found these cute bags at Sewsacksew.

Look at this wonderful idea for children this summer, this is terrific, wouldn't you just love to give this to a child as a gift this year?  It really is such a wonderful play idea and its sure to fire up a child's' imagination.   A very long time ago I can remember my brothers playing for days with this idea.....not just out of doors but inside on rainy days made for tons of summer fun.

This is called a Fort In A Bag, a fantastic idea and it can be personalized with the child's name on it, making this a very special gift.   I discovered this terrific item at UrsulaGlassGoddess

Another Eco-friendly Fort in a Bag comes from zJayne!

There is nothing better than up-cycling, useful, washable and lasts forever, to be handed down from one child to another.  Endless hours of imaginative fun and learning.  How much simpler can summer get?

One last item I found that I thought might be a whopping great gift to give kids this summer!  Up-cycled Crayons!  From TheUPcycledCrayon these look alike Lego Robot Man Minifigures will please a child to no end, once again using something which has been given a new life sure to provide hours upon hours of fun!

There are numerous creative and talented shop owners at Etsy shops, all independent and brimming full of wonderful ideas suited for children.  Two months of summer is a very long time and keeping children busy with creative ideas can make this summer less stressful for all of them as they play away their days with terrific up-cycled things to keep them BUSY!

Off I go to sew some more, see you soon!

The world is so full of a number of things, I ’m sure we should all be as happy as kings.”― Robert Louis Stevenson

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Popcorn Anyone?

Finally my lawns and gardens look civilized!  I took yesterday off to have them manicured and spruced up because they looked so worn and bedraggled.  The heavy rains took their toll, no complaints about the rain though because all that came down from the heavens saved me having to use my well water, which is right up my recycling and conserving alley!

After speaking with my lawn man and watching him get down to all of that hard work, it made me tired!  I actually didn't even bother with the computer much at all yesterday, I grabbed my latest Fern Michaels novel and enjoyed the day away!  

Today I wouldn't mind sharing something I found while browsing through Vintage shops on Etsy last night.   I found myself in a shop called Jalopee and discovered this amazing Electric popcorn maker from the 1940's !  Even I don't remember these from my past although I really should.  An electric popcorn maker as far back as that and it bears no resemblance to those we've seen from the 60's, 70' but wonders of wonders I bet, it still works today in the year 2015!  

Discovered at Jalopee!   

Remember this one from the 1960's?  Once again, a treasured memory to me and actually still working and looking as shiny as it probably was on the day it left the store shelf away back when!  I discovered this at TwoCousinsCollection

AND this one from the 1970's discovered at digatomic!  Remember these, made from a plastic resin, easy to use and easier to clean up....

Then there is this one from a store know far and wide with the name of  Bed,Bath & Beyond...harking back to the "Nostalgia" of yesteryear!  

Can you not smell it?  That aroma of freshly popped corn wafting over you from a cinema lobby concession booth, or, at the drive in theather (do they still have drive-ins?  If your like me, salted and smothered with melted butter ready for devouring!
Real freshly made buttered popcorn is One of the reasons I love going to a cinema! Before you even buy your ticket the aroma of it permeates the entire lobby making you want a fresh batch just waiting there at the Concession booth with your name on it! YUP these popcorn makers always did a number on my smell and taste buds every time, no matter where it is I!  Needless to say I hear you saying "Butter" and all that "Salt" Yikes, not healthy, but guess what - it tastes soooooooooo yummy!

Browsing around Etsy Vintage Shops is such fun, you won't believe the hundreds of items and gadgets you'll find there!  From hand mixers for baking to telephones and everything in between you can possibly think of.  There is nothing more fun than a ramble down a memory lane, and for those of you born in the 1990's your in for such a treat!  Everything from those "Good Ole Days" can be found and bought.  

Vintage shop keepers go out of their way to research the items they've found for the public who know the true value of something made over 60+ years ago and can still be put into service.  Be it a retro kitchen your decorating or a remodel of a room in retro style, your sure to find just the right items for your d├ęcor and use here at Etsy.
To find something your interested in, just plug in the words using Etsy Search engine and it is sure to pop up....You will be surprised at the amazing things you'll find in these Etsy Vintage shops...

Now because I have waxed on about those wonderful popcorn makers, it is time I had some, so see ya later...and please don't forget your comments are welcomed at any time!

Plant more trees, God's garden needs them!