Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Beach Wedding Daydreams

Valentine Day!  The day many engaged couples seem to have chosen for that Romantic Event in their lives, their Wedding Day!  Many couples seem to be moving with the trend of  being married on warm sun kissed beaches with pristine white sands under bare feet and in attendance, close family and friends... to this end I have planned the perfect day dreamy beach wedding with a thought to keeping costs at a minimum and maintaining the  Romance of the entire event from the wedding dress to the attendants beach apparel!

I tend to romanticize what a Beach Wedding would look like but with that Vintage easy going Bogart and McCall cinema feel to it so I think I will allow my daydream planning to take over this morning!  

This absolutely stupendous vintage wedding dress fits my idea of what type of dress a bride might wear on that beach on her special day, with a gentle Caribbean breeze in attendance and the slow lapping of waves the orchestra against the beautifully stretched carpet of white sand the back drop for this bride in her stunning Vintage 1960's "NANCY" wedding gown from MaggieMayBridal.  This is the perfect dress!

While the Bride may be wearing a Vintage gown, her brides maids would match her perfectly in this Bright Azure Blue maxi dress of crinkled linen with white trim....this is a very flattering dress for any body shape and fits perfectly into the wedding scene I am playing out in my day dream!

This dress comes from azulsol!

Now the Groom and his grooms men could be wearing these comfortable and dashing white linen beach pants!  These are perfect for men, fit well, are comfortable and would fit in perfectly with the entire Wedding party!

These can be found over at Maliposhaclothes and if you look further into this shop you will find the perfect shirts to go with this pants and still retain the that beach wedding look....and again would look great on any body shape!

From the VanCaronCollection the Brides Bouquet with the Matching Grooms' Boutonnière could be composed of Blue Dendrobium Orchids and White Garden Roses!  How very romantic, being faux flowers, these would remain forever fresh and a reminder of how beautiful the Special Day was!

Each wedding party attendant could wear these matching corsages and boutonnières as these!

With the cost of travel to a warm sunny venue for the wedding and the matching outfits for the bridal party, the costs of all of the above would be reasonable and attainable without breaking the bank. 

Hearts in tune, shells scattered on the sands, waves lapping at bared feet while the Officiate presides over the ceremony, in my mind it cannot get any better than that!

I have had fun planning this make believe Valentine's Day wedding, so tell me, does anyone need a wedding planner/Personal shopper?  (pick me, pick me)  I would love to be on the beach and escape this frigid winter weather!  LOL!!!!

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