Thursday, June 1, 2017

Recuperation Over

I know it's been awhile since I last posted anything, but, as usual with my life, life actually got into my face...I was to have surgery in April, but the surgeon decided to move me up into March, so on the 24th I managed to have my operation and after a three day stay I was finally allowed home.  

I have never been in hospital for anything surgical in all my years, so between my psychological and my physical self, it was quite the shock to my system.  I am now healing well and the after effects are sort of gone and I am more or less beginning to feel like me again.  

Having literally lain around for two months and a bit, I am champing at the bit to resume being who I used to be and with my energy levels recharged I actually made a decent beginning at catching up with my Etsy shops and plugging away at all of the boxes of possessions from passed family members to list more items into the Vintage shop and reacquaint myself once again with my sewing machine.  

It is incomprehensible that I have so very much crammed into my tiny living space even my sewing room has been pressed into storage service and my beloved sewing machine sits on my kitchen table which really is a scandalous.  I am making a concerted effort to reclaim my sewing room so that I might do what I want most of all, which is to sew or more precisely, making my quilts and other quilted items.  

While recuperating I crocheted some tea towel sets because I could do that while lazing away on the couch and finally once I was able to move about more freely I actually pieced a quilt top which I decided not to quilt up but would sell for some one else to have that pleasure.  I also quilted a few cosmetic bags and some lavender sachets as well, all light and easy to accomplish. 

These I listed in my Quilt related shop The Bag Lady From The Bay

Here are photo's of my projects so far.

So, there you have it, some progress to be sure and just to let you know I haven't been entirely lazy over the last few months. 

It feels good to share something with you once again and I do hope you'll come visit often, just to see what it is I am getting up to in my old age.

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