Saturday, April 14, 2018

Rediscovering My Blog

It has been so long since I paid any attention to posting on this blog, blame it on my tunnel vision which was aimed at clearing out the over 100+ boxes I had in the storage locker from the estates.  I seem to get tired of all this confusion around me that some days are spent not accomplishing very much at all. 

So many new finds in those stored boxes and the efforts to either find them from my memory bank or doing research just to recover the correct history of them.  My mother's family became such collectors of possession they had in their families before WWII and somehow when a recovered item or a find they came across, of course it was gathered as quickly as possible.  Some items with histories and some just because they had it or something close to "it" before.  

There is no one left but me and I confess growing up among those survivors I too am unable to turn to a disposal bin and see them off to the nether regions of a landfill site.  I have such an attachment but my simple little home to which I downsized to just will not accommodate any more of those wonderful family TREASURES.  

Hopefully there are individuals out there who might appreciate these old and sometimes odd things that they might give them a new home and allow the history of its past to continue. 

I am going to list as many of the things as I can and if you see something you think you might like, then hit which ever link you see for it and go grab it. 

My BYGONEA SHOP is filled with Vintage Treasures and in that shop is a perpetual 30% off, every day, every week and all throughout the year, that makes for great bargains, especially for any buyer living outside the boundaries of Canada as the currency certainly allows for an even better bargain because of the low rate of our Canadian Dollar.  

I found 5 watches, can you believe it?  

My BAG LADY FROM THE BAY SHOP is where you will find those hand made items I love to make and do sit in front of my sewing machine as often as I am able given there are simply not enough hours in my day.  

I found all of these Resin Cherubs and Plastic Angels and little doves just the other day so will have to get these listed in the Supplies section.  

My last shop is SOCIALTYES selling off all of the many items which belonged to my male family members.  The vintage ties seem endless, checking them over to make certain these are in terrific condition and astonished to find many of those ties to be vintage new ties..

A brand new Combat Jacket and I did make time to list this and put it into a sale the shop is running.  

I hope you have not given up on me and that you might come and visit once in awhile.  

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