Monday, June 22, 2015

A Blue and White Day

After a long hiatus I'm back! It has been quite a busy 6 months at my house and time seemed to sprint past without leaving me any time to come and play.  Now that I have more or less caught myself up and it being an absolute real old fashioned summer day, I'd love to begin sharing many beautiful shop items which may be bought from the thousands of independent shops located at Etsy once again!

Today I have been enamoured with the colours of Blue and White and found some prominently displayed in several shops such as this lovely Vase from Carriage Oak Cottage 

Or how about these cup cake wrappers?  I found these at ooohlalapaperie!  Wouldn't these make your muffins or prettily decorated cup cakes look divine!

How about this very pretty blue and white Quilt from QuiltedPleasures?  It is handmade and the toile squares are so very vintage looking and would fit into any room for any person, or accent any theme.  Nothing like a pretty quilt to set that home feeling to a room, or comforting to take a snooze under.

Who could resist a little Angel dressed in this frilly Blue and White Cinderella dress also handmade from Knotted Wear 4 Kids!  Oh my how sweet this would look! 

There are 250 pages of images holding Blue and White items of every thing under the sun you could be searching for.  ALL you have to do to discover what it is your seeking is put BLUE and WHITE into Etsy's search engine and voilla it will display a plethora of items in all shades of blue and white. 

I leave you with one more item of blue and white, which are Nikko Blue Bonnet patterned saucers from Bygonera, Vintage Estate items!   *A disclaimer here, Bygonera is the Authors' shop. 

Blue and white is some a versatile colour combination, from Greece to Great Britain to The Netherlands and Scandinavian Countries, this combination can set the tone and theme for whatever decorative or fashion design your following. 
You can wear it, sleep in it, eat from it, decorate with it, or just simply admire it!

I leave you with just a sampling of beautiful blue and white things which can be bought at shops over at ....time permitting you might come and visit with us, we are certain your going to see and find things you don't necessarily see at other on line shops....why?  BECAUSE these items are all either HAND MADE or VINTAGE! 

Have a perfectly wonderful summer day today, and I'll be back with more of my Etsy forays.....

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