Thursday, June 25, 2015

Popcorn Anyone?

Finally my lawns and gardens look civilized!  I took yesterday off to have them manicured and spruced up because they looked so worn and bedraggled.  The heavy rains took their toll, no complaints about the rain though because all that came down from the heavens saved me having to use my well water, which is right up my recycling and conserving alley!

After speaking with my lawn man and watching him get down to all of that hard work, it made me tired!  I actually didn't even bother with the computer much at all yesterday, I grabbed my latest Fern Michaels novel and enjoyed the day away!  

Today I wouldn't mind sharing something I found while browsing through Vintage shops on Etsy last night.   I found myself in a shop called Jalopee and discovered this amazing Electric popcorn maker from the 1940's !  Even I don't remember these from my past although I really should.  An electric popcorn maker as far back as that and it bears no resemblance to those we've seen from the 60's, 70' but wonders of wonders I bet, it still works today in the year 2015!  

Discovered at Jalopee!   

Remember this one from the 1960's?  Once again, a treasured memory to me and actually still working and looking as shiny as it probably was on the day it left the store shelf away back when!  I discovered this at TwoCousinsCollection

AND this one from the 1970's discovered at digatomic!  Remember these, made from a plastic resin, easy to use and easier to clean up....

Then there is this one from a store know far and wide with the name of  Bed,Bath & Beyond...harking back to the "Nostalgia" of yesteryear!  

Can you not smell it?  That aroma of freshly popped corn wafting over you from a cinema lobby concession booth, or, at the drive in theather (do they still have drive-ins?  If your like me, salted and smothered with melted butter ready for devouring!
Real freshly made buttered popcorn is One of the reasons I love going to a cinema! Before you even buy your ticket the aroma of it permeates the entire lobby making you want a fresh batch just waiting there at the Concession booth with your name on it! YUP these popcorn makers always did a number on my smell and taste buds every time, no matter where it is I!  Needless to say I hear you saying "Butter" and all that "Salt" Yikes, not healthy, but guess what - it tastes soooooooooo yummy!

Browsing around Etsy Vintage Shops is such fun, you won't believe the hundreds of items and gadgets you'll find there!  From hand mixers for baking to telephones and everything in between you can possibly think of.  There is nothing more fun than a ramble down a memory lane, and for those of you born in the 1990's your in for such a treat!  Everything from those "Good Ole Days" can be found and bought.  

Vintage shop keepers go out of their way to research the items they've found for the public who know the true value of something made over 60+ years ago and can still be put into service.  Be it a retro kitchen your decorating or a remodel of a room in retro style, your sure to find just the right items for your décor and use here at Etsy.
To find something your interested in, just plug in the words using Etsy Search engine and it is sure to pop up....You will be surprised at the amazing things you'll find in these Etsy Vintage shops...

Now because I have waxed on about those wonderful popcorn makers, it is time I had some, so see ya later...and please don't forget your comments are welcomed at any time!

Plant more trees, God's garden needs them!

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