Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Children love their own personal items as well as their own personal space.   

I make these bags just for children, but while the children have the fun, mum dads, even grand parents benefit from these because the child is busy playing and not bored while the adults visit.   I call my bags that I make BIZZEEE BAGS, and many of these bags never get to the on line shop!   

Last week a repairman who came to fix my furnace was telling me his little 3 year old just loves his toy bag, it goes everywhere with him.  It has been washed and washed since it was given to him at Christmas time as a stocking stuffer gift from his granny and it is one of his favourite things he carts around and takes along when they travel to visit with family and friends.  He has it brimming full of all his own stuff....

This is the bag I finished this morning from a little boys sheet.  I have made several from this sheet and they never stay in my inventory for very long.  Making a new item by giving something used a new life through up-cycling is a good thing , wouldn't you agree?    The bag I made this morning can be found here.

Children love things that are different as well as eco-friendly.  Our children are now being taught to conserve, recycle and reuse as much as possible.  

Here we have cute up-cycled Lunch Totes for little girls...not only would these lovelies make great lunch totes, but given the fabric used would be wonderful to take along to the beach with a towel, beach shoes and swimsuit.  The open weave will allow any loose sand to sift out leaving the majority of accumulated sand at the beach and not anywhere else...I found these cute bags at Sewsacksew.

Look at this wonderful idea for children this summer, this is terrific, wouldn't you just love to give this to a child as a gift this year?  It really is such a wonderful play idea and its sure to fire up a child's' imagination.   A very long time ago I can remember my brothers playing for days with this idea.....not just out of doors but inside on rainy days made for tons of summer fun.

This is called a Fort In A Bag, a fantastic idea and it can be personalized with the child's name on it, making this a very special gift.   I discovered this terrific item at UrsulaGlassGoddess

Another Eco-friendly Fort in a Bag comes from zJayne!

There is nothing better than up-cycling, useful, washable and lasts forever, to be handed down from one child to another.  Endless hours of imaginative fun and learning.  How much simpler can summer get?

One last item I found that I thought might be a whopping great gift to give kids this summer!  Up-cycled Crayons!  From TheUPcycledCrayon these look alike Lego Robot Man Minifigures will please a child to no end, once again using something which has been given a new life sure to provide hours upon hours of fun!

There are numerous creative and talented shop owners at Etsy shops, all independent and brimming full of wonderful ideas suited for children.  Two months of summer is a very long time and keeping children busy with creative ideas can make this summer less stressful for all of them as they play away their days with terrific up-cycled things to keep them BUSY!

Off I go to sew some more, see you soon!

The world is so full of a number of things, I ’m sure we should all be as happy as kings.”― Robert Louis Stevenson

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