Tuesday, June 23, 2015


During the past many years, Vintage items have become sought after, and no longer need an individual be a collector of things which lived in our historical pasts, but now more than ever before these wondrous things have been dusted off and made visible and become very accessible in a broad genre of categories, thanks to on line shop owners.  
As one of Etsy's shop owners of Vintage Estate pieces, I want to share some of my finds with you.   All that is required to find anything your interested in is the Etsy Search Engine.....it will lead you to whatever it is your searching for. 

One sought after category is the delicate porcelain china or glass items used to adorn a boudoir dresser or side table even a room as a colour accent to enhance a specific décor, or for that unique gift you might wish to give that special someone in your life.  

This Antique Bisque trinket dish is wonderfully unique and different!  Look, a young couple in love each clad in traditional colours depicting gender sitting atop of a brown coloured vessel (dish) depicting which I take to be a log!  This is just so sweet and would make the loveliest of gifts to give any woman for her dressing table.
I discovered it for sale at HunkoFunko.

Red is Vibrant and striking, conjuring up visions of those ladies in red evening attire *such as in Gone With The Wind* or the more modern film *Pretty Woman*! This beautifully crafted Limoges Covered Trinket Dish is just the piece I would think women everywhere would adore!  It is dressed in the finest of red with gold trim and features on its delicate lid a transfer printed Fragonard scene made popular in the 17th and 18th centuries "the every present "Courting Couple" once again clad in the gender specific colours of Pink for her and Blue for himself.  

I discovered this at Taingtiques and this shop has the most exquisite ring keeper which caught my breath actually created and made in the 1980's by Royal Stratford. If I actually had a dressing table I would snap this delicate beauty up in a heartbeat!

These delicate exquisite pieces were made for women whose jewellery when not worn would be placed inside a beautiful vessel, even when not worn their precious keepsakes would be safely guarded against misplacement or damage. 

Like this set from Noritake during the Art Deco period of porcelain which I found at TeaJay.  It is actually a set of three pieces, featuring two Trinket Pots with lids and a Ring tray.  Each piece lavishly hand painted and dominated with lavender coloured flowers and trimmed in gold!   Absolutely stunning pieces.  

When redoing a bedroom or boudoir, one cannot go wrong hunting for décor accessories at any one of the thousands of Etsy shops!  Vendors take great pride in what they themselves collect and offer up to the public for sale.  

Because I ended up with an Estate to liquidate I too have several delicates for sale, one piece I simply love is this Depression era Elegant Frosted Pink Glass Shell Shaped dish set into a gold coloured metal holder.  It looks delicately fragile, but it is strong and sturdy and would look beautiful in any room.

This can be found at Bygonera.

Wishing you a wonderful day free from crisis and worries and as I am want to remember, Faith in our Creator is simple, without Him, we wouldn't exist!

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