Tuesday, November 25, 2014


SANTA brought a special gift for Artisans who have HAND MADE shops on Etsy!  

It seems to be more difficult these days to remain in the spotlight in the world of 
e-commerce and all of us small shop owners at ETSY dot com could use a hand up as we struggle to continue crafting our special brand of hand made products, whatever these products may be.  

Etsy Artisans would rather spend their time in creating and producing more hand made product to sell, but increasingly we end up spending too many hours online inside our shops constantly tweaking in efforts to make sales and fit into someone's advertising allocated idea of marketing.  The Advertising realm is vast and very mind boggling and so we constantly spend more and more of precious production time chasing that right advertising fit!   

One of our own Etsy members is making a positive contribution to the idea that paying it forward is a very good thing, something anyone who owns and operates a shop where all product being sold is hand made by them stands an opportunity of joining in on the free initiatives of this one site until the end of 2014.  We are being asked if we would like the exposure for free - how long has it been since someone offered FREE to us?

While Handmade Solutions isn't claiming to solve all of our EXPOSURE problems, at the very least having a spot on the WWW where the spotlight is solely on Hand Made Etsy Shop Owners cannot but help us in our endeavors.    

Here is what HANDMADERESOLUTIONS is all about! .......

TAKE advantage of this very special offer now because come January 1st, 2015 it will no longer exist as being FREE! Pass it along to all your Etsy friends who have shops selling only handmade items! HERE IT IS just for you the Hand Crafter!

As our lives get busier, the luxury of time is premium. Exquisitely handmade items give you a window to this luxury, no matter what we happen to be doing. By choosing to buy, and / or create the handmade we are moving towards simplicity, luxury and sustainability.

THIS CONCEPT is very much still being developed at handmaderesolutions.com , but you are welcome to join us!

Please do contact us if you would like to be included in the global handmade online artisans collective.

The aim of Handmade Resolutions is for the site to be an access point for potential buyers of the handmade and handcrafted, listing reliable artisans who have a passion for the handmade and their already existing online venues.

It does not take the place of the wonderful online venues that already exist. Rather, Handmade Resolutions works alongside these online venues.

Handmade Resolutions will promote you, your hand made product and your hand made business and online shop/s as genuinely handcrafted, 24 hours a day. The site is already popular with tips and info for the small business owner looking to find out about how to run an online business. Taking it one step further, handmaderesolutions.com now 'pays it forward' by providing a strongly professionally seo-ed online repository for the handmade artist and artisan to bring their product to the world, and the world to their online shops for little or no cost.

SEO (search engine optimization) is important to be seen in an increasingly competitive internet environment, but it should not come at the expense of the passion and creativity that brought you to sharing and selling your creations to the world in the first place.

How can people now be sure they are buying a genuinely handmade article? How can they know that the values of simplicity, luxury and beauty inherent in the handmade, are values that inspire the items they are viewing and wish to purchase?

By checking http://linesheetlookbook.com/payingitforward/

We do need critical mass to grow, and ensure the longevity of this project. If you are a handmade artisan who wishes to be included in this directory, for the next couple of months inclusion is FREE.

The cut off date for this offer is January 1, 2015. For more info click here.

If you register in that time, there will be no costs, ever.
After the cut off date, any new registrations will be required to pay a yearly fee to be listed on the site. The yearly fee covers my coding time and the hosting of the site, nothing more.

The aim of the site is simple – that the wonderful experience that is brought about with the creation, purchase, and use of the handmade product never loses it’s rightful place on the internet, as one of the more positive and rewarding aspects of our human endeavor.

The more creators of the genuine handmade product that wish to be listed on Handmade Resolutions, the more traction the handmade and handcrafted will have on the world wide web. 

The more traction we then have, the better our SEO (as more creatives link to the directory, and we in turn link to creative’s online venues and websites).

The more articles written by creatives within the handmade arena, and published here, the more online presence we will have, individually and as a group.

It is now up to us to keep the intrinsic value of the exquisitely handmade and handcrafted up to date and relevant on the www.

If your like me, seeking good and free exposure for our shops, check out this free offer and it doesn't matter what your hand made product is you sell, it is the fact that it is HAND MADE!

Spread the word to the many Artisans who own and operate Hand Made shops on Etsy dot com so they may take advantage before the end of the year.  

It isn't often someone comes along with a free gift so get it while it is on offer, I am on my way will I see you there?

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