Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Reaching Out

Good Morning from blustery eastern Ontario!  

With only 49 days until Christmas morning appears, it really is time to think about getting my Christmas cards written and into the post!

With the onset of the computer snail mail seems to be disappearing, but, Christmas cards are the type of mail that should really be hand written and with a little catch up note enclosed to those family and friends living far away who we don't see or speak with often enough throughout the year. 

I so look forward to hearing from those I am unable to visit with through the year and l enjoy the photo's some enclose with the note and card too!

THINKING about this I thought I would browse and see what these wonderful Etsy shop owners have for me in the way of different and exciting hand made Christmas cards to send and share with my family and friends.  

I have quite a lengthy list of shut in seniors who are lost at this time of the season when family just isn't there  and friends are also disappearing!   These are people who so appreciate a card.  

As someone who sews, I always send a little hand made something inside the card and I know it brings a smile to their lips when its opened and out pops something just for them, but if you don't sew or craft, think about a gift card from some shop in their area, something they can use like a hair cut or a manicure or pedicure or something you know they can't or wouldn't spend money for like a nice bit of fruit or some special cheese?  (Just a thought)!  

Sometimes it is sachets for their drawers, sometimes it is a little fabric bookmark or a frame with a photo in it, or a tiny ornament to hang on their lamps or windows close by, something just to let them know someone is thinking of them. 

Like these cards you can get from the pigANDparch shop!  How special is it to send off a card which isn't a photograph of the family but a hand drawn likeness so special this type of card!  Truly a gift as well as a card!

OR how about going through old photographs where the recipient possibly has been featured during a visit or special event!  These photographs can be set up for you and you can print off your own, super idea and brings back a wonderful memory to the one your sending greetings to!

I discovered this novel way of making a special card at the MouwDesigns shop.  Can you imagine the warm and fuzzy feeling getting such a card in the mail will do for a special family member or friend?

OR you can go totally generic and send a beautifully embossed designed card with your special messages inside!  I particularly like this set of cards...perfect for some of the single men on my list!  Who can resist a cheerful snowman?

These come from the DreamsByTheRiver shop!  The hand made cards and tags are wonderful, there are so many different designs to choose from!

FOR those who have just married and some members of the extended families could not attend the wedding, well, not to worry because there are many cards like this one at Etsy where your family and friends are able to get a photo of the wedding party as well as Christmas greetings...these types of cards were certainly not around when I got married 50 years ago!

Direct from the peachymommy shop these would certainly be great to send!

For those of us who enjoy our pets here is a wonderful card!  Straight from the hand of SandraDieckmann your pets can be captured and shared...

Who doesn't love showing off their pets each with their own distinctive personality shining through?

REALLY to the person who receives a card penned from someone far away with something of a personal slant to it is a gift as well as showing you care! 

The thought of cards no longer being sent saddens me because I realize just how very many people rely on news and pictures from loved ones at this special time of the year.  

MAKE no mistake, the selection of your cards and the notes you take the time to write inside of each one, is a precious gift of memories captured and shared, you will be so proud of yourself for making the time to reach out and touch someone!

****The choice of items I choose to write about is my own, I am not affiliated with any crafting community, sellers or the shop owners or individual or company!    I do not extract nor do I get paid  for my publications of any item or items or personal opinions contained within this my personal blog.   I do not know nor am I affiliated with any person or shop I write about whatsoever*****

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