Sunday, December 14, 2014

Buyers also have obligations!

10 actual shopping days left until Santa arrives, a r e  you ready?  Have you done all you should have to make certain your purchases you made on line will be delivered to you in time, because as a Buyer from an Etsy shop you too have obligations to make certain things go smoothly!

Have you ordered on line something which has so far not yet arrived in your mail box?  Take heart, try not to panic, most Etsy shop owners are as busy in their workshops burning the midnight oil to make certain all of Santa's gifts are delivered in time!  Have you made certain to provide the correct snail mail address for prompt delivery by your postal authority?  Have you moved and have you remembered to do a change of address with your post office, or to provide your NEW address correctly to the seller?  If you haven't you may be waiting until the problem of your not being at your old address is solved!!! 

Have you ordered something from an Etsy shop which is a custom order?  Have you made certain you check on your e-mail a few times per day to make certain there isn't a seller desperately needing input from you for your order?  If you have such an order pending then please make certain you help your order completion by making certain that the seller has all of your pertinent and relevant information required to get your item complete and on its way to you!  As a Buyer it is your responsibility to make certain the seller has all of your particular needs met and answer any and all questions put to you in order to complete your special custom made order. 

Have you ordered something from a shop that seems to have disappeared?  If you have then make certain to check with Etsy Administration by going to the HELP section of Etsy and following the links to getting some assistance.  MAKE certain you contact your payment provider such as your credit card company, or, if you have not paid using Etsy's Direct Payment method, then go to your Paypal Account and make certain you contact someone there through their HELP/SUPPORT links.... These links are there to help you when you believe you have a problem or a conflict!

If you have made you last moment orders last week or even this weekend, make certain you have read the sellers processing times posted in their Shop and if you are still wanting to order, it might be best for you and for the shop owner to begin a conversation before you put something into your cart and pay for it, thus making certain you don't have to wait for refunds and cancellations but that you can continue to shop and hopefully find a seller who is able to accommodate such late or last moment purchases. 

Please remember many issues face the million and one shop owners who sell at Etsy, first off, each is a separate shop (entity)  Etsy does not operate any of the shops who have stores under its umbrella!  Secondly, make certain you have not purchased something which may have copyright issues attached to it, such a something with or using a "Disney" or "Frozen" or "famous Designer name" attached to it, because there is every chance that these shops may have been found by the copyright owners and made to shut down.  

Copyright logo's and items bearing such prints or logo's are only saleable through registered licensed dealers or shops who have made contractual arrangements with the specific Copyright  owner/Licensor.   Shops selling such items may be overlooked for a very short time, but, you can be certain that the shop will be located and promptly be suspended from selling such registered copyright items or even shut right down.  SO BEWARE!

Sellers as well as Buyers have a responsibility to make certain what they sell is theirs legally to sell and not a copyrighted item, and Buyers must also beware of the copyright problems and are typically called "knock offs" on the street and as such it is illegal to sell or to buy knock offs!

These are but a few of the pitfalls of buying in a rush, then too there is the Shipping Agencies, this is the time of year when they are at their busiest, additional staffing may have been brought in to assist and things do not always go as smoothly as they should at this time of the year, waiting times become longer due to the heavy volume so please recognize this and be prepared.  Sellers do their utmost best to make certain your parcels are shipped in as timely and cost efficient method as they can.

If you are waiting or have made that last moment purchase and it simply does not get to you in time, grab a picture of the item you purchased and wrap it in an envelope with a "stuck in the mail but it is on its way" message and pray your loved one understands. 

If you are an International buyer having bought something from a seller on line at Etsy make certain you know the rules for paying the import taxes required by your country, because sellers in one country are not obligated to pay these taxes and those amounts are not part of your purchase amount!

And lastly, please make sure you read the sellers shipping policies as well as return policies for refunds, shipping prices are set by the postal or shipping authorities in each country, the seller utilizes the best methods of calculating shipping costs which you must pay, however shipping costs are not necessarily cut and dried, so make certain you check all this out before you begin to berate the seller.  Measurements of the shipped parcel as well as weight is an important factor in the process of shipping and must be acknowledged by a seller who has no say in how the authorities calculate the shipping costs.  Most sellers will REFUND overpaid shipping charges you have paid once they return from getting your parcel off, so please be patient and wait for that refund if in fact a refund of over paid shipping charges may apply to your parcel. 

All I can say to you now is good luck with your Christmas last minute shopping and getting to Christmas morning without stress and groans.  Patience is the key, if, as a buyer you have done all you can to make certain your seller has been provided with all of the necessary information required to make your purchase as perfect as it can be and that it arrives on time. 

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