Wednesday, December 3, 2014


21 days and counting down!  Santa's Elves are now beginning to burn the midnight oil to have the children's wish lists filled and Ole Mr. Claus has been pressed into service too, to make sure the Sleigh is properly filled to its capacity on Christmas eve!

Morning all, I know I have been missing, but I haven't been frittering away my time, nope, been busy replenishing stock which luckily I sold at my last local Christmas Craft fair in Kingston!

Since my last post where I pointed out how to find the sales from Etsy shops until yesterday, I myself have been busy with my own Etsy shops and participating in the local Christmas craft fairs and with one left to attend, I really need more inventory. 

A bit of self promotion here before I introduce you to some wonderful hand made items which you will only find from these Artisans at Etsy!

I am know in my local area as The Bag Lady From The Bay, who makes Quilted items, but mostly quilted bags of all sizes, shapes and styles.  I have designed and created my LARGE ZIPPER TOTES FOR TOYS especially for the tiny tots who are always travelling with mum or dad to somewhere where they need to be amused while mum and dad are busy!  This Busy bag will keep their favorite little toys secure while travelling around, and keep children happily playing while mum or dad conduct some much needed business or travel.  These are able to go anywhere, at any time, and are 100% washable when the grunge hits.  Children use them everywhere and are happily kept from boredom during these times when they aren't in their own surroundings. 

Made from fabrics I have quilted, wonderful giant easy glide and flexible zippers, a pull tab to help little hands close the bags and a handle for easy carrying anywhere..

*Mention todays' post in my shop for 25% off any quilted item December 3rd and I'll have it sent on its way tomorrow!*
If you search for sales through Etsy your sure to find many crafted items on sale just waiting for you!

Children need playtime and with the Christmas season approaching they'll need to be kept occupied while adults are doing their thing!  WHY not then easy items like these wonderful aprons just for children whose imaginations will be well occupied with one of these!  Head on over to Susie'sTieOneOnAprons and get your child or children one of these colorful and useful aprons made just for them!

Or how about these wonderful wooden toy blocks from DinDinToys, little ones have so very much fun building and then crashing them down again and being made from wood these will last them forever!  Or the memory games children love to be busy with!  These are well made and long lasting just for children....

How about some wonderful puzzle toys to keep your child occupied?  From the ArtGiftStoreEcoToys shop you can buy these wonderful colored wooden puzzle toys, to keep them occupied for a lengthy time, or putting together their very own castle? 

And what little girls doesn't love dolls?  From the TrueLinenShop comes this sweet handmade Rag Doll - isn't she lovely?  Little girls as well as little boys love cuddling with their special friends, and this wonderful hand made rag doll and rag teddy bears fits right into that category of cute and cuddly, wouldn't you say?

Very Eco friendly, safe and cuddly all in the same little toy just for a young girl or boy to fall in love with.... 

Or who wouldn't love this wonderful hand knitted Piglet, Rabbit or Teddy?  KnittedByBarbara

There are hundreds of wonderful Etsy shop owners who are as busy as Santa's Elves right now, making sure their shops are stocked with their products so that you won't have to face the brick and mortar chaos out there and can satisfy Santa's list this year right from your own home.....

****TODAY except for my own shops' self promotion, the choice of items I choose to write about is my own, I am not affiliated with any crafting community, sellers or the shop owners or individual or company!    I do not extract nor do I get paid  for my publications of any item or items or personal opinions contained within this my personal blog.   I do not know nor am I affiliated with any person or shop I write about whatsoever*****

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