Monday, December 15, 2014


9 shopping days!   Seems like the countdown is moving faster than we seem to have made time for!  

For those of you waiting for deliveries from online sellers at Etsy, take heart, the postal services are moving,  just not as fast as on line retailers would like, especially those sellers on line who are not HUGE department store chains or outlets!!!

Ina Steiner, who writes for eCommerce Bytes has today written an article which may shed some light on those delays from the point of view of the USPS and another article about the Meltdown happening with the British postal services!  You can read those articles here and here!


Photo's courtesy of eCommerce Bytes web site taken to illustrate Ina's articles under today's date December 15th, 2014 !

Ina Steiner is an astute writer and checking out her articles in many instances help us to understand things going on with eCommerce we simply need to know or sheds light on those questions sellers as well as buyers often wonder about while experiencing problems with our on line sales and purchases and if you follow Ms. Steiner daily, you will certainly become more knowledgeable about what it is that is happening in the on line world of commerce!   Remember "KNOWLEDGE IS POWER"!

It is extremely disheartening to know as a seller you have done everything in your power to make certain the parcels your sending to your customers are well packed, properly addressed, the correct amount of postage paid and scanned.  Then the panic eMails from your customers begin arriving and sends you into a whirl of additional and time consuming searching to see if you can assist in finding out where your customers parcel(s) are within the tracking system, only to discover the tracking system isn't quite up to snuff, or that there isn't any information to be had from any source at this time of the year!

These articles Ina has written especially for today while they do not help you find that parcel, the articles at least put you in the know!  

As someone said yesterday, "Everyone" knows Christmas is held on the same date every year without fail, December 25th as Christmas Day never varies!

eCommerce is the way of the future, it can only grow larger than it is at this time and we as buyers must be more alert, more astute and more patient as these entities manage to find their footing!  

What you can do as a Buyer is to make certain you order or buy in time so that your purchased parcels are not caught up in the wave of confusion and deluged volumes of mail sent out from all areas of this world attempting to meet the demands of on line Christmas shipping nightmares!

It is also very important that you know that Shops thriving in eCommerce at Etsy are hundreds of thousands of separate entities!  Each shop is owned and operated by an individual and not Etsy itself!  Etsy is but the platform Umbrella under which we all operate through, just like eBay, Amazon and AliBaba, which by the way are experiencing their own difficulties just as we who operate our shops through ETSY!!!

Etsy does its best to make certain all shop owners abide by the laws of copyright and fair trade!  IF you buy something from any shop that may in any way related to a copyright issue, it is entirely plausible that once found by the Administrators will be shut down and your item may not get to you!

Buying some article which has a copyright licence issue may only be purchased (bought) from a person/store/chain of stores that has been provided with the licence to sell that copyrighted item!  As a buyer it is up to you to make certain the item you want with copyright connotations is allowed to be sold through the shop your buying from, be that shop brick and mortar on the street, or, an eCommerce site your browsing through.   YOU as well as any Seller bear the responsibility if you have not done your due diligence.  

Save yourself some grief over a purchased item which may not arrive in time for Christmas, or as in some cases, which you may have purchased from some unscrupulous source never arrive!  Do your homework in buying on line as you would do your homework researching items your wanting to buy from a Brick and Mortar store!  I personally hate to lose hard earned money buying air!  The ultimate of power of buying rests in the hands of the person with the money, you and me!  As I said above, Knowledge is power and can save you a boat load of money and stress less on line buying!

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