Friday, December 12, 2014

The 12 Days to Christmas

It's still snowing here and I am one of those people who dislikes the feel of winter!  I dislike having to remove the snow, clean off the car, wrap up in layers and wear clunky boots!  How about you?  For my mind, it may snow on Christmas eve and stop Christmas day, and Spring can arrive any time on Boxing Day!  LOL

The 12 days of Christmas began today!  Not long ago I began writing about Christmas 2014 and the many preparations and gift suggestions out there for you and yours!  Well, today I am thinking of these last 12 days!  Almost too late for on line shopping unless, like some HUGE e-commerce sites are guaranteeing delivery before Christmas morning, but I watched a few unhappy people who had waited too long last Christmas and were sorely disappointed when their purchases didn't show until well into January the following BEWARE of those guarantees more so if the gift your wanting is for a child!  They don't understand pictures and promises to have it sometime soon!!!

Be that it is really close, and you are still sitting on the "I don't know" fence, lets see what wonderful items are in those very beautiful Etsy shops still to be had!

Like how about giving a SMILE for Christmas, something to touch the heart and keep the memory of your gifting alive?  Look what I found at the stoneteller shop!  

Are these not sweet?  These make the most wonderful of paper weights and would make excellent gifts to give any of your co-workers!

The RockArtiste also offers hand painted rocks with some sweet offerings, like this set of Dutch Bunny Miniatures or a Dachsund even a portrait of someone's beloved pet or your own for that matter?  

A lasting gift for anyone who loves nature and who may have pets!

Some people on your list who have stymied you with gift choices may love this photographic print!  I am in love with this particular photograph myself as I am very partial to Brown Labs!  Look at that face!
This may be bought from ChocolatePawsPhotos

or any one of a number in the shop, like these???

Are these not adorable?  I could just cuddle them all day long!  The gentlest of creatures are dogs, who wouldn't love these Brown beauties?

Or how about giving one of Alex Costello's prints of which are rich with stories you can attach, like the memory of a Beach vacation somewhere, or horses in winter snow?  

Photographic prints make wonderful gifts to give with a personal note of the memory recalled from a photograph!

11 days is all that really remains of your shopping power before the actual morning of Christmas arrives, so, do yourself a favour, shop on line and do it quick, but don't take it for granted you'll have it without first speaking with the SHOP OWNER!  It is mighty important you are not stressed out waiting for something you purchased, so make sure you know where your purchase will be coming from, the distance in this count down matters now!  

ETSY shop owners will bend over backwards to assist you with your last minutes but do not tarry because it may become a matter of becoming too late....

****The choice of items I choose to write about is my own, I am not affiliated with any crafting community, sellers or the shop owners or individual or company!    I do not extract nor do I get paid  for my publications of any item or items or personal opinions contained within this my personal blog.   I do not know nor am I affiliated with any person or shop I write about whatsoever*****

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