Friday, November 21, 2014

Warp Speed

The countdown to Christmas seems to be moving rather quickly isn't it? Since beginning my countdown it just seems to be winding down at warp speed and with only 33 days left...I can't believe it, but it is true!
Coping strategies are beginning to kick in for many of us, coping with normal every day to day activities, be it job related or family and home, but we all know the Big day is fast approaching and we will need to hustle if we want to enjoy it to the fullest by being totally ready!
Having out of necessity to be up late last night chasing "mice" wanting to use my cupboard as winter quarters this year!  There simply is no room at my Inn for them.....I dislike doing it, but I had to set traps!  Mice don't have bladders, so they make quite a mess inside drawers and cupboards and it is such a chore to keep having to empty the area and keep washing and disinfecting and getting rid of them.  I couldn't go to bed and leave it until morning, nope, I had to make sure I got as many meeces as I could, so in between catch and release I needed to be patient and since I had to remain up I went Etsy Browsing of course!  

Want to see some of the things I fell in love with during my forays into the many shops at

Look at this shop from Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom called Coldham Cuddlies!  The shop owner makes the cutest and cuddly animals I have seen in a long time!  I found Mr. bunny so darned cute, this is considered an Art Doll...and she has many others as well as the cutest darndest slippers for men and women which will make a statement for certain!

Talk about cuteness!

Something totally different popped up while I was browsing, this very pretty Boho Embroidered with sequins tote or purse whichever you might like to use it as!  So colorful and would certainly suit a range of age groups!

You can find this pretty bag over at BostonBackBay which has some lovely vintage pieces.

Oh and I found a beautiful pair of Vintage Southwestern earrings too, I am one of those women who loves anything Native American and more particularly jewelry.  These are perfect and lovely and can be bought at the RitzyandGlitzy shop!  

This lovely pewter Nativity set of characters struck my fancy!  Just perfect for this time of year, and with so many people who simply love the Christmas season, I am sure someone will snap this up in a hurry.  Afterall, I have friends who would love to celebrate and decorate Christmas all year through!  They go all out for different decorations and hunt the shops looking for one of a kind different from what they've seen before, or simply want to have. Pewter is a pretty metal and pieces made from it will last forever!  I stumbled across this in a shop at Etsy called StillVintage!

Are you like me?  Do you love something unusual in the way of seasonal Christmas decorations?  I found these unusual little ceramic Gnome houses....aren't these too cute?  I found these at the Cermystica Shop!

Osnat Tzadok  is a self taught Artist, someone to watch!  Her soul capturing scenic paintings are breathtaking and to receive or give a gift of one of her paintings cannot help but bring pleasure.  Since I am really into Red these past many years and because certain Artworks grab hold of me, I would love to share this painting with you! 

and if you don't mind indulging me, this particular scenic painting which reminds me of my surroundings here where I live!  Breathtaking colors and so true in mid-to late Fall here in eastern Ontario. 

Osnat sells her fantastic works from OsnatFineArt in Markham, Ontario.  

I am never disappointed when I browse, there is so very much to see and to buy from thousands and thousands of shops for all types of items from handmade to vintage, Etsy shop owners have it all wrapped up in a beautiful site, you just have to experience it all for yourselves...Not only will you more than likely find what your looking for or want custom made, but you'll be supporting small business and in many instances Local Small business.  

Small Independent shop owners are dealt with on a one to one basis, no huge corporate entity here, nope, you'll actually be dealing with the shop owner each and every time you buy!  So, treat yourself and enjoy a great shopping experience and still be free to devote all that extra time your not out of your home running from mall to mall or store to store.  Etsy has it all under it's very gigantic umbrella. 

****The choice of items I choose to write about is my own, I am not affiliated with any crafting community, sellers or the shop owners or individual or company!    I do not extract nor do I get paid  for my publications of any item or items or personal opinions contained within this my personal blog.   I do not know nor am I affiliated with any person or shop I write about whatsoever*****


Anonymous said...

Thanks for including our pewter Naticity set in this great Christmas wish list!

Mitts McMaster said...

Your welcome, the pleasure was mine