Thursday, October 2, 2014

83 Sleeps

Yesterday I explored the idea of giving hand made wooden toys for Christmas this season and with only 83 more sleeps left until the most exciting morning for children worldwide actually makes it presence felt I thought possibly we should continue exploring hand made toys and gifts for kids a little longer!

I love Christmas because of the children, they keep it exciting for me and as there are so many imaginative hand made toys at Etsy for children, I simply want to continue shopping for Christmas again today, tomorrow and oops possibly even ?! 

How does anyone decide what they want?  Children become fixated on certain toys in a given year thanks to the hard selling tactics of the large toy producers and the media campaigns which in my region of the world have already begun!  Children become convinced they like a toy and in most cases it is a blitzed campaign that makes the child believe he or she really likes the "whatever" and it is a MUST HAVE that drives many parents to the brink searching for the latest hot toy to be under their tree on Christmas morning!

Like most parents out there I fell into this category of searching near and far to buy the very hottest and latest issued toy in that year for my child...what a silly goat I was away back then!  TOYS that became the most played with was or were something totally and completely different than what was on the "Blockbuster" toy list advertisers were pushing on tv!  Ah yes, he got the hottest toy if I was fortunate enough to afford it or even find it, but the ones he loved and played with most were the unexpected selections not being advertised at all.

LIKE this hand made Bear, my goodness it is too cute and cuddly not to be left under a tree for that special child who adores cuddling and needs a special Anne, Heather or Christopher the hand knitted bears from The Two Sisters Teddy Bear Company!  
I personally fell in love with Christopher, here he is,
 is he not the cutest most cuddliest Bear in Town,  but you don't have to fall for my fellow, there is such a variety of personalities at Two Sisters!

Cats are beloved by children also, it isn't just the certain type of stuffed cuddle friend, but the personality of the creation itself.  Children are very astute when choosing something to fall in love with and keep as their forever friend.  TAKE this Crocheted Cat, that is a face children can fall in love with in a heart beat!
I found him easily enough peeking out at me from the CrochAndi shop.  He is there with all of his interesting faced friends and again, there is a wonderful selection and variety of choices to be had from this shop also.  While he isn't named yet, he really does resemble "Tigger" albeit a young Tigger and simply adorable!
Now if your a grannie who loves knitting and crochet, then take a look at this wonderful Crocheted Giraffe 
pattern you can purchase and have it instantly by downloading it through your home computer, no waiting for the mail to be delivered, just open your purchase online and presto, you can begin making this fantastic Giraffe for that special child or children on your list...I just love this pattern and while you do not have to follow this color line you have to agree the selection is wonderful for him!  You can purchase this pattern through the Zycee shop.

Now if you don't want to crochet the cutest Giraffe then you can certainly buy one already made and waiting to be a little girl's best friend here at the KornflakeStew shop  tell me you do not find this sweetie adorable?
I could fill pages and pages with beautiful creations you can purchase from these talented designers of toys for Children through their Independent small shops, but I think you can find your own childs' best toy by window shopping yourselves...then once you have found just that right selection well you will know it when you see it!  

Since Christmas is such a short time period away from today, possibly tomorrow we can find more wonderful gifts for those little ones who will love the gift because it came straight from you!

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