Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Tweens!

Shopping for Tweens is difficult!  They are't playing with dolls or trucks anymore, nor are they into their teens to buy them totally growing up types of choice gifts, their what the word more or less implies, their in between and this age is awkward enough for me to figure out let alone them!
I realize I am dating myself, but as a tween  a hundred years ago, I still played with dolls and coloring books, jump roping and playing all types of board games, but in todays' society, tweens are proud and confident and more grown up than I ever was, Modern Day Tweens totally different!  

What to get them?  Well,  first you have to know them and in knowing their personalities you can sort of discover just the right Gifts to put underneath the Christmas  tree...81 days from today! 

I happen to be the gran of a Tween, but keeping up with her likes and dislikes is rather difficult for me, as soon as I think I know what she might like, it changes faster than you can say Jack Frost!

However, the basic interests of children from 9 to 12 really are in a sense the same as always, it is the materials today that differ.

Lets find some interesting things and see if you don't agree that these are and will make fantastic Christmas gifts for under their tree this year!

I found this Infinity Scarf which comes from the princessdoodlebeans shop.  Personally I rather like it very much it seems to have the right pizazz for my 11 year old fashion plate of a Tween!  Besides, it will go a long way into keeping her warm as well!

There are jewelry making kits like this neat Stackable Stretch Bracelet kit from the CustomJewelryKits shop!

To this creating their own head bands with this nifty 60 piece Headband Kit from the ShabbyFlowerBowtique

Then I found this nifty hand made Mountain Cooler wallet made from what else but kids cooler drink packaging..perfect for the young man who's been saving his heart out for that new kewl something or other!
This of course you can stuff full with fun gaming cards or money and they'll be very pleased to get this!  This is hand made as I first stated by the CrazySeamstress shop!  Or even this one, apparently Kook Aid Jammers is one of the latest fads items to carry and use, 
Apparently one of the "in" fad gifts to get this year!
 It's much harder to find things to suit the tween guys of course because their into things like geo-caching, snap circuits and the like, but fashion isn't that far off in their likes and dislikes either.... I found these cool kid arm and leg warmers at MamaRunsWithScissors, which when worn under a t-shirt look rather cool while serving a purpose of keeping them toasty warm at the same time.
or these Video invaders themed arm warmers!  
Maybe your tween fellow might like these Lego Rings, this is something they can take apart and rebuild into something totally different at any and tinkering is what the guys sort of go for!
I found this neat one at the Jennyclothes Shop

How cool are these Lego Soaps?

You can get these at the WizardAtWork shop! 

Or this t-shirt from the ShirtTown Store 
According to tweens Lego is still a big hit to be tinkering around with..never out of style!
The best I found and thought would be a lasting three to five year hit gift to give is this Lego Table from TableToys!  This is a surface the boys can use over and over and over with all the lego's they have!
This is one super type of gift for a tween boy!  There is this one
or even this one

Nothing better than writing your secrets in code, and this set up will make a great addition for both girls and boys, it is a Braille Secret Code Kit!  Who doesn't like codes?  This you can find at a neat shop called Luminosity Ink
Lastly, I happened upon this CHAOS Board game and really it would suit both boys and girls as well as adults, load of fun with this Vintage Parker bros. board game from the 70's.  Do you remember this game? 
I found this Vintage game at the FrenchToastKitty shop where you'll find lots of nifty things from the past to suit any age, but the board game is just right for Tweens, they love besting everyone and what better a game for them to flex their brain power with?

Today was a very interesting day for me shopping for Tweens...I think this is the hardest age group to find things for because for the most part the girls are into jewelry making, fashion with manicures and pedicures and the boys, well their into Keva plank toys, or Legos and snap circuits and even when you think you have it down pat, they manage to change the rules on you...LOL!  However, as you can see I found a very good selection for Tweens at Etsy Shops and there are so many more ideas I simply don't have room for today!

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