Sunday, October 5, 2014

Etsy Elves

The noise is actually deafening this year as all the Etsy Elves are busy preparing everything Santa needs to complete that looooong list he must fill once again this year making certain this Christmas morning is a successful one!

When you really think about it 80 days from now the house is going to burst into life with the happy cheerful sounds of Christmas morning!   

I have been enjoying find gifts for the youngest members of family's and today I searched for gifts which might please a teenager.

Teens have distinctive styles they like, nothing but that certain look will do for them.  The idea of popping money inside a card to be hung from the tree just isn't the same as the excitement of opening a gift with gay ribbons and wrap!  Our teens today love opening gifts as much as they did when they were much younger, and to this end, I am going shopping to see what I can that a teen may have on their Christmas Wish list this year!

Comfort with style is the what the majority of teens gravitate to and this Open back Jersey Top Mini Dress really fits as a super gift to have wrapped beneath your teens tree.  It comes from the Lamixx shop in Huntington Beach California!  What a stylish piece of apparel this is!

Now we all know teens are glued to their phones, ipods and whatever new technological smart anything else that comes along, so, why not take a gander over to the MrandMrsWallet shop?  This is where you will find some of the neatest wallets which fits these gadgets and girls just adore!

I choose this one because it is stylish and yet very feminine and oh fashion forward colors.  I am amazed at the selection and quality of these beautiful hand made wallets and there is something there for everyone on your list to be sure!

Teenage girls cannot resist nail fashions, and what better than to buy some teen miss on your list these BioLumiNails a big hit!  These are really something for an evening out under the black lights and your teen will be thrilled with these attached to the ends of her fingers! These you can find at the Electronic Girl shop in Florida!  

Take a look at what I found!  The ever popular 1950's and 1960's vintage poodle skirt!  Whoa, I can remember wearing one similar to this and loing it every time there was a teen dance!  It was one of my favorite pieces of clothing to wear!  I found this at MayberryVintage!  

Teens today are really into Vintage fashion!  Vintage Clothing, Shoes, Costume Jewelry and many other types of vintage anything which peaks their interest and style...

Lately I see young men wearing these fedora's, the more vintage it is the better they seem to like it!  I found this vintage fedora from Sweetlakevintage in of all places Zoetermeer, The Netherlands!  

Or what about this fantastic Vintage Plaid Shirt now teen guys love comfort with style and this shirt  is no exception to style!
I found this at TymeafterTyme in Kentucky!
Now what budding musician learning the guitar or banjo wouldn't want his own personalized guitar strap?  This is something special, hand made and personalized  and what young budding guitarist doesn't want his own gear? Hand made by ldtleathercraft from Kingston, Ontario, Canada. 

Or, for the budding photography student? Both teen age girls and boys are heavy into photography and who wouldn't go crazy at having this Vintage 35mm Kodak Retina IIa camera?  This find comes from the SomeOtherPrairie shop!    Throw in some of that 33mm film and he or she is all set.

And with a personalized camera strap which you can find at the MesaDreams shop 

 and a vintage camera gadget bag something like this one which I found at NorthOfMain and the your photography buff teen is basically all set to learn a life changing craft.

I am smitten by both girls and guys who use photography as a way of personal expression and in many instances turns this love of photographic self expression into a good earning career and some awesome photo's. 

On October 9th the Martha Stewart Competition for small business shop owners across the United States will have been closed and winners will be announced.  For certain one Etsy shop owner of a small independent business NewMorningGlass will know whether or not it has won in the people's chosen  Wildcard nominated category.  I have over the past week or two been asking you to help out by casting a vote or the six allotted to this shop.  They could use our help is its bid to win.   Any of these small business' will benefit as a winner and into the bargain will be in a great position to add some new job opportunities into the economic mix and we all know people need jobs in today's hard economic times.  
So, if you would not mind giving a hand up to a small business owners, especially an Etsy small business, then please head on over and cast a vote or 6 for NewMorningGlass!  You can do that easily by clicking here!

****The choice of items I choose to write about is my own, I am not affiliated with any crafting community, sellers or store owners and no individual or company pays for my blogging about any article or item contained within this blog. I do not know nor am I affiliated with any person or shop I write about in any whatsoever*****

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