Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Expecting Needs

Busy, busy am I with Exchange student and craft fairs coming along that I need all of the 64 days which are left to get my shopping done for this Christmas....

I know of many expectant Moms and Dads out there who are going to need a lot in the baby items department.  So, with this in mind I am going baby needs shopping today!

I have found the most wonderful fabric softener sheet substitute, just perfect for inside your dryer for baby diapers and clothing, these are called Eco-Friendly Wool Dryer Balls.  You pop these into your dryer instead of fabric softener sheets and these do the job of softening yet being scent and chemical free.  Now this is a great SUBSTITUTE!  These come from the MICHBROWN1973 shop!   What a fantastic solution, eco-friendly, saves you money and no chemicals!  

FOR THOSE new parents who have chosen cloth diapering instead of the disposables, here is another great gift you can give!  These are hand made diaper covers with liners, wow, wish I had these when my children were babes!  So cute and these come from the tinyhinycovers shop

 A novel idea as well as being eco-friendly as well as economical.  More and more parents are going back to the days before disposables, not only are you doing your new child good with cloth diapering, but your also minding what it is that is not going into the landfill sites....A very good thing!

NEXT, these Organic wipes would make a very thoughtful and eco-friendly gift to give new parents.  These are so handy and being reuseable makes these an economical gift as well!
THESE come from the curlymonkey shop and make such a nice gift to receive. 

Run over to the swaddelmesnugly shop for some of these organic burp cloths!
Non-gender specific and wonderful to know these too are organic and eco-friendly!  

There are so many shops that hand make everything I have shown you here and more!  Buy a hand made attractive Diaper Bag, change pad and burp cloth combination, and you can add to it with some of these wonderful items I have introduced above and you have a super gift to give this Christmas for the expectant parents to be!  Simple and easy-peasey!

I found this cute Hand Made Diaper Bag at the PickeeKids shop, sew cute Winnie The Pooh notable phrases and words all over it!  Also non-gender oriented and hand made!

There are any number of things you can find for the expected Bundle of Joy coming into your family this year and all can be found at Etsy.com!  Once you begin searching the items are endless helping you check off another gift from your list of "Need to buy" for Christmas this year. 

****The choice of items I choose to write about is my own, I am not affiliated with any crafting community, sellers or the shop owners or individual or company!    I do not extract nor do I get paid  for my publications of any item or items or personal opinions contained within this my personal blog.   I do not know nor am I affiliated with any person or shop I write about whatsoever*****

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