Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wooden Presents

Christmas is really just around the corner and once Thanksgiving is over, Halloween has come and gone the people who love, love the Christmas Season will be pulling all things Christmas to decorate their homes and lawns, then comes the shopping binge!

So lets see what wonderful things in the wood department there are for those little people who cannot wait for Santa's Sleigh to make its annual stop on their rooftops with his Bag filled with exciting gifts for them!

Visiting with the AToyMakersDaughter shop I have to say honestly I just cannot make up my mind, it is loaded with the most beautifully made wood toys for girls and boys, oh my what fun!
There's a Natural Wooden Play Castle with German Ostheimer Knights set that any young child would be thrilled with
Wonderful wooden kitchens such as this one
and a wagon filled with brightly colored wooden blocks for building things with such as this one
All geared just for grandma's and grandpa's to give their youngest grandchildren. 

THEN when you go into the TrickTruck shop you'll find all types of wooden cars and trucks like this one which little boys so love to play with!
and these are but two of what is available and I so love the little wooden people in this truck!  Little children just adore those little people and play with then for endless hours...

Then there is this Dollhouse, what little princess wouldn't love to have this found under the tree on Christmas morning?
I found this at the Minty Road shop!

I found a novel idea over Thelittlebluebirdie wheere you will find wonderful childrens' Activity sets...such as this
The children will be kept busy and thank you for such a lovely gift...

Then at grandpacharlieswkshp you find toy trains, planes and automobiles and wonderlly replicated fire trucks, Waltons truck, Model T's and more which are simply marvelous! 
Look at this wonderful long choo choo train 

AND at the ArksAndAnimals shop you find this beautifully constructed wood Noah's Ark and animals of all kinds!

These are but a mere handful of wonderully constructed from wood toys for children, toys that will be played with for hours on end, toys that won't break and toys that inspire and teach...all of these wooden toys may be found right here at  

Independent shop owners with talents beyond belief and toys you simply son't see at those huge department stores, toys what will last and be passed down through generations and when those children grow up and have children of their own will have something mum or dad played with when they were children. 

In this age of high technology children don't play with the same gusto we did as children, these are toys which will inspire and motivate them and get them away from computer technology for awhile, there is nothing as good for a child than to play with toys and expand their imaginations...NOTHING!

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