Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Handmade Difference

Someone took the time to send me a Treasury today.  In this Treasury there are some wonderful handmade bags so, just a few moments, lets take a look at handmade today!

While this item is not a bag, I have to say kudo's to Anna today, as it was she who took the time to ferret out but a few from the hundreds of different and beautifully handmade bags for us to see and share this morning. 
If you visit the Creations of True Fairy  you find this paperweight and the lovliest types of unusual handmade jewelry!!

LOOK what Anna found for me to share with you, it a gorgeous handmade reversible tote bag with very rich colors and so very nicely styled and finished.  You may find this reversible tote at the BagLadyBagsLLC.  Here it is showing both views!

Red and white are such great combination colors, this bag will show your fashion sense off beautifully and those long bag straps will fit over the shoulder too!  Truly a practical fashion accessory.

At the Bagitdesigns2 Shop you find this well designed and pretty colored Kindle Cover.  

Everyone seems to have a Kindle or a Nook, and if you read your favorite color isn't Blue with beautiful pink flowers then ask for a Custom Order and get exactly what you do like.  Covers such as these keep those e-readers clean and should they fall, the padding of the cover will certainly afford it a bit of protection...

A bag designed just for toddlers is this Kids Toy Tote from the BagLadyFromTheBay ***I have included my shop today as one of my very own pieces was included inside the Treasury, so I am taking the liberty of allowing myself this small concession today!***

I designed these bags for a practical purpose and for children!  Children love having their favorite toys with them no matter where they travel or with who you take them to visit!  Children need to be kept occupied and what better way to occupy them but with their own favorite toys and items they enjoy playing with?  Their own specially selected toys inside their own gran and go bags will keep them occupied for hours on end and when your ready to end your trip or visit, their toys are returned home in their own exclusive bag.

This pretty slim handmade purse was the Treasury too!  Isn't it simply perfect?  It comes from the bagitbeautiful shop!  I just love this designer fabric this bag is made from.  You can carry this bag anywhere with any colored apparel or outer garment, it is right in keeping with todays' fashion trends.

There are any number or shops at Etsy where you will discover gems all handmade just for you, all you need do is create a search for that something special you need, want or wish to give and you certainly will find it at etsy.com!  

If like me,  you do not appreciate seeing yourself any time you leave home for the office, the Mall, at a Restaurant, even just at church, then handmade is the real bargain!  Having something you wear or carry that has been handmade makes you just that little bit different from everyone else!   You might find similarities, but it will never be exactly the same as any others!  Being different to me is what it is all about, my style and not something someone dictates I buy that was totally mass produced.  Buying handmade I can ask for a custom order, choose my own style and my own color pallet.   

When you purchase something handmade your not just being different but your supporting a small independent business owner.  Remember it is the small business that keeps our economies afloat, so, I challenge you to support a small business today!

****Hey there, have you managed to cast your votes for a fellow Etsy shop? 
Etsy shop owners are all Independent Small business owners, and NewMorningGlass is such a shop.  They are a Wildcard nominated finalist in a prestigious Martha Stewart competition  and could use our help is its bid to win.   Any of these small business will benefit as a winner and into the bagain can and will produce some new job opportunities which are truly needed in today's hard economic times.  
So, if you have a mind to help out a small business owner please head on over and cast a vote or 6 for NewMorningGlass!  You can do that easily by clicking here! ****

****The choice of items I choose to write about is my own, I am not affiliated with any crafting community, sellers or store owners and no individual or company pays for my blogging about any article or item contained within this blog. I do not know nor am I affiliated with any person or shop I write about in any whatsoever*****

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