Thursday, September 18, 2014

i - Inventiveness

Forgive me while I rave about some of these genius hand made accessories for the many iToys we use and play with every day of our lives! 

There are some very cool and nifty docking station devices at Etsy, some so uniquely different I just have to share them with you today!

Take this nifty 50's unique idea! 

Roberto of  LaboratorioAltieri  took an old 1950's camera and turned it into the coolest iPhone 5 Docking Station, oh, if only I knew what I was doing when I threw away 5 of these old cameras from the Estate I am administering!!!  Those puppies actually went out the door for a song and here is this unique article old and no longer in use as a camera being turned into something so useful and appealing.  

Hairqueen48 actually has made a multiple use docking station for your iToys!  Everything being charged and kept all in one place when not in use, a complex and novel idea and very neat and tidy.  I just love the lamp attached to it too!

I have totally fallen in love with this colorful and novel piece, a portable bluetooth wireless speaker from a very old and discarded radio!  Wow a great deal of workmanship went into this piece!  Isn't it just super?  I never realized technology could look so attractive!

This is from BoscaBosca really a piece for those tech loving men, a radical useful techno tool now even outside it works, fantastic novel idea and once this is something that was made from recycled materials...

From FitzWoodys this one is totally my style!  This is so me, the person who must have control and has everything you use everyday in one place!   The type of item for someone like me who really needs to see everything in one place or it becomes a forgotten item.   This is absolutely perfect!  You can also ask for a Custom order, bet you you'd like it in another color, right?

Ohhhhhhhh I found the perfect docking work station ever!  It would suit so many people I know!  This is from the lexioshop!  I could have this one for myself also, I mean there is nothing better after a long day at work to be able to crawl into bed and relax and be hooked up in comfort!  Nothing for you to have to hang onto and you can do something else while still being totally connected to the outside world, to the internet and even do your crossword all in the comfort of the sitting position!  I have an acquaintance who has just had surgery and will be immobile for some time to come, how useful is this for that individual?  Save having to rent one of those slimline hospital tables with legs that constantly get tripped over.  

This is an excellent piece of not in your way equipment for those who are bed -ridden as well.  Maybe you know someone other than yourself who could make good use of this and this would make such a wonderful inexpensive gift to give. 

There are some very talented and skilled crafts people at Etsy, their inventiveness is phenomenal.   It never ceases to amaze me how some people can conceive of an idea and voila it appears and others, such as a person like me wonders why they never thought of it before!

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