Thursday, September 4, 2014

Celebrating the Advent of Halloween

Quilted Wall art is a unique form of art work!  Being a quilter myself I so appreciate the wonderful and diverse wall hangings many quilters create to change out with the seasons and the many annual festivities which take place, throughout the year.  To the delight of many and to add color and dimension to a special wall space or area in their front hallway where visitors are welcomed or simply for the sheer enjoyment of that specific time of year.  You name the season, the occasion or event and you will notice a Quilter is nearby ready to hang a wall hanging in celebration of it!

Since fall is in the offing and with it Halloween just around the corner, see if you can notice quilted wall hangings in or about your neighborhood.  These come from dedicated quilter home decorators making changes to walls and entry ways to welcome in not only the various event or season.

Examine the idea of having a quilted wall hanging for annual festivities, the children love them....

KellettKreations  has this hand made wall art ready to be hung in your hallway, actually anywhere is where it can be hung and enjoyed..... That haunted house high up on a hill, children love stories about haunted houses and this would fit the theme perfectly!  It traditional Halloween colors are perfect!

Tiny tots might not yet be ready to accept the concept of haunted houses, witches, ghosts and goblins and the like, but with HOPPY here it certainly is just perfect for the tots!  This is so colorful and gay, the little ones will just fall in love with Hoppy to be sure!  Here Hoppy is all decked out in his costume, ready with this Jack-o-lantern treat basket, with tiny bats flying hither and yon.  What better introduction to the Hallowed night than Hoppy as  its' Ambassador?

You can find this over at The Quilt Shop WI

This is also the harvest season when Squash and turnips, parsnips and those Giant Pumpkins are ready, lying in wait just for you and the children to find just the right pumpkin to take home and carve into a scary face!  This quilted wall hanging is sew (no pun intended) cute!  It is playful, showing off scarecrows who live in the farmers fields and who are getting ready for fall with gaily scrap clothing, straw hair, old hats and smile faces and lots of pumpkins right there ready for the I said, I personally think this is so cute!  You can find this particular fall colored piece at Codysquilts!  

Then there is this colorful quilted wall hanging depicting some funny scarecrows, some scary witches, dancing skeletons and lots of Halloween pumpkins...too cute!
The variety of Halloween blocks in this wall hanging makes this diverse themed wall hanging just perfect for little ones to enjoy.  This can be found in the shop called QuiltsForU2 and the children will just adore it!

These are but a sampling of Halloween themed wall hangings which are available.  Nothing better than fabric wall art - these can be washed and stored away safely until next year, when once again it will be time to decorate the house for fall and to impress the little ones who so enjoy the advent of Halloween!  

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