Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Button it Up!

Hey there, it's Wednesday - sorry for missing yesterday, but an emergency reared its ugly head. 

I am not a seamstress nor a knitter, I can crochet some, but not with expertise, however, I can and do appreciate the role beautiful buttons play in the finishing touch of a garment or sweater coat, even a crocheted dress.  Thinking of fashion and of those talented people who design and make their own clothing either for personal wear or to sell, buttons usually make the garment into a star when it is finished with the right hardware!  Buttons I consider to be the jewels which add just the right touch!

These and hundreds of other beautiful buttons may be found  right here at Etsy.  The shop owners with their skill at identifying the material of a button are talented, it takes a keen sense of fashion to know a good button when they see it.  Offering it for sale is just as special because many women love to hoard buttons because of their beauty alone.  

LIKE these Depression era glass buttons!!  

Genuine glass from the Depression era and not easily found anymore!  I found these at Add Vintage. This shop carries more than just this pretty array of Depression Glass, but these reminded me of the beautiful carnival and cafe glass dishes I so love.  

THEN at Sewly Buttons, (Uniquely named shop for buttons wouldn't you say?) I spied these pretties, which to me are just the cats pajamas when it comes to Depression Glass, their that shade of soft pastel green. 

I realize I shouldn't, but I am always amazed at the beautiful finds through Etsy shops.  Shop owners really know value when they see it and these buttons are no exception.  

Over at Baubles Buttons I found these gorgeous blue glass buttons, I love this color which simply sparkles.  

Now not all beautiful buttons are Depression Glass, but other beauties were made from other resources, such as these spectacular Czechoslovakian Glass buttons like jewels!  

 I found these stunners over at the Bling Stash Shop. 

Then I actually found Antique glass buttons being sold.  Being so very different as to make them special!  With their different shape these would make a wonderful addition to something you are making for that someone special and need it finished with just the right button!
I found them and so can you at the Suz Balla shop.  Aren't these just super?

THEN I found these Black Glass with Gold Luster buttons at the Sew Old Sew New shop.  What a fantastic finish to a garment these would make!  Definitely Runway fashion buttons!

Someone might notice the fashion garment, but they will be pulled to it by the mere fact that these buttons are fastened to it.  The finish of the garment is what makes it more noticeable.

Buttons from days long ago were made from a vast variety of materials, but glass is still one of my all time favorites.

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