Monday, September 15, 2014

Pottery Sings

Visual arts takes many forms, today I want to share handmade and visually beautiful which serve more than one purpose.  These are functional pieces of art that not only sing of beauty, but serve a rational and practical purpose as well. 

A potters voice is different than that of a singer.  You can hear the notes of a song when it is sung, and with the Potter you can actually see the notes! 
Imagine, a lump of clay fashioned by the hands of a potter can become a thing of beauty and still serve a very functional role in your life,  like this serving bowl!  It's vivid coloration's enhancing its shape.  (too bad my shape cannot be enhanced by use of color!!!)
This is a perfect sized bowl for fruit or useful for serving food from, yet so pleasing to the eye that it makes a wonderful table accent or colorful room decor accessory.  It is handmade, the colors chosen by its composer rdboyer, like that of a Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini!

Take these handmade tumblers, once again, a practical piece of art work,
the use of color singing a fine tune on a table top, these are strong, serviceable for drinking as well as decorative and make a sensual statement.  Their shaping is perfect, tapering the way they do to fit into the hand, with the rim neatly rolled to make it a fine piece to drink from.   These are made by Ning, of Ningswonderworld.  

How cook are these?  
Stackable apple bakers!  Nothing tastes as delicious as a baked apple with ice cream or caramel sauce melting down through it!  These are handmade and useful not only for apples, but just think individual angel food or coffee cakes, from oven to mouth!  Yum, I can just imagine my taste buds dancing already.
Not only are these useful, their a work of art, their pleasing shape so versatile for use in the kitchen and when brought to the table a pleasing decor.   You can find these beauties made by Leslie at Tamarack Stoneware.  

Tayna makes these beautiful pieces which are made and finished with the use aquatic decal graphics she makes herself.  So from beginning to beautifully made end result you have a very unique piece a bowl decorated inside with beautiful creatures from the ocean.

Rich vivid colored tea bowls with creatures inside beg to be used.  Who would not wish to have tea served in their own personalized sea creature tea bowl?   These simply sing a chorus of color.   These are specially made and you can get these from her at the cephalodink shop. 

Being dutch, I come from where many householders have an appreciation of handmade pottery in daily life, and this is not odd.  Pottery compliments our sense of difference, color and design and it is used in just about every corner of our homes from table to plants.   In may homes you may be served from a piece of pottery for your entree, to eat salad from, drink tea or coffee from, have delicious tarts and cakes served on, even see vases, planters and fruit bowls all made from pottery.  It is a magnificent medium which seems to please and many homes have such colorful handmade accessories in them. 

****The choice of items I choose to write about is my own, I am not affiliated with any crafting community, sellers or store owners and no individual or company pays for my blogging about any article or item contained within this blog. I do not know any person or individual nor am I affiliated with them in any way whatsoever*****

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