Friday, September 12, 2014

Appealing Crochet Designs

At Etsy almost anything you might want can be found!  From hardware to crafting supplies and everything in-between. 

Today I have for you some crochet items which I found to be most appealing and in some cases downright sexy!!

Take a gander over to Sexy Crochet By Olga's shop and your will find this absolutely stunning full length crocheted dress.  If I were but several years on the other side of 70 I would snap this one up just for myself.  It is meticulously made and very has that sumptious lace look, designed and made by Olga herself.  She designs and makes some beautiful wearables.  

Can't you see yourself in this dress on your next hot climate cruise?

Another dress totally stunning and from a different designer too!  Miglena of Martineli  has designed and made this beautiful one of a kind white irish crochet dress which stops just above the knee, perfect as a dress for the modern Bride, or, as any event in the warm climates as evening wear, it certainly is uniquely different. 

In Lecrochet Handmade Art is where you will find this sexy number!  This dress is a made to order dress and is beautiful, see how it hugs the figure!  The blue is perfect for setting off the beautifully formed crochet pattern.   This is the type of gown you could wear to any event. 

For the time when day turns from warmth to being chilly this handmade shawl certainly would be the perfect accessory to throw over those shoulders to add a little warmth but as a fashion accessory.  As it is with these talented shop owners you can custom order this in a color of your choice, all you have to do is open a dialogue with the shop owner and she'll see to it you have a shawl made to your color choice.   I happen to love lilac/mauve/purple and so would chose this soft and feminine shawl for myself, which I found at KnitandWedding

Now this is uniquely different, a romantic capelet, handmade just for you from Pasin

Now going from us Big Girls to those tiny delicious scented babies, I could not help being smitten with this perfectly coordinated outfit for the tiniest female member of out sect.   Is this just the cutest little outfit and made for a set of twins, how simply unique?

I found these sweet dresses complete with accessories over at the Beauty of Crochet shop.

Just to show you I am not gender biased, I found this warm and attractive crocheted sweater for men.  
Long in the body, wonderfully long sleeves and a very nice stitch pattern.  As I said it is attractive and it is hand made by bagsandmorebypam!

Having had boys to dress it was always difficult to keep them in sweaters, but this little sweater vest is ideal for a young fellow, leaving his arms free from the bulk of too much clothing so he can play on the floor with his toys.  This is totally perfect for the warmth you think he needs and his need to be less encumbered while he plays.  Handmade by Sarah of the Homespun Ranch

I can and do appreciate the hours of dedicated work to make handmade clothing for anyone and in any size.  It takes skill and talent to design and then make the vision.  I find with handmade customized items your so satisfied because you have been brought into the design process yourself with the designer/maker even if it is just choosing a color, your still an integral part of the entire process. 

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