Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Clean Economics

Ohhhhhhh how decadent is it when your using hand made soaps?  When I buy hand made soaps I am actually doing myself a huge favor and saving a pile of money to boot!  It is clean economics and makes cents too!  Save a penny!!!!

Hand made soaps last longer and the scent never dies off like mass produced store bought does nor do they dry out and look crummy like dehydrated pieces of colored cardboard or wood.  Nope, handcrafted soaps are true to their color, scent and looks as when you first began using them....

BluebirdHillsFarm has this yummy pack of handmade soaps.  Goats milk soaps are decadent, smooth and creamy and really so very good for your skin!!!  There are also scents you may choose, which makes it such a terrific buy!

 Actually they look so good you'd almost think it looked like an edible!  Like yummy fudge, but hey, don't eat it wash with it and see just how simply marvelous hand made soap feels to your skin. 

Those who know me know I am a sucker for anything scents hazelnut vanilla - this soap is just that, scented hazelnut toffee - mmm just how glorious is that, the scent swirling around you after a wash with this soap will have you seeking a hot brew in no time and make you enticingly smelling great!
It comes direct from AngiesCleanSoap and won't your guests love it's scent too?   
Taking a tour of AuntNancysSoap shop I found this novel idea!  This is such a fantastic idea, using soap as part of an important event, favors of soap.  What nicer gift can you give than to give than pure handcrafted soap?  You can even color coordinate this idea too!  This certainly is a much nicer favor to give than wine or chocolate!  It will leave a lasting impression of your event longer than edibles will and show your care for them and for their environment!

Just take a look at this Palmarosa Lavender soap bar isn't it beautifully colored?  Colors are an important feature with events and leaving guests with any of these hand crafted soaps is really a nice way of saying thank you for attending my event a non-fattening favor, what isn't to like about that?

Now in the GutsyGirls shop you'll discover another novel way of getting involved with hand made soap!  What a spectacular way to present a house warming gift, or, a hostess gift, or just a beautiful array of soaps in your guest powder room?

Not forgetting those little people who are important in your lives!  Nothing induces hand washing and bath time fun like their own soap!   What fun to see them enjoy washing their hands more often because they may have their very own soap to themselves....

Now GutsyGirls also have these for children, how kewl is it to continually keep washing and the featured sea creature remains time after hand washing time?

Most soap makers think of children when they produce just about any shape you believe your youngster might like to play with or favors, take this novel idea, "Fish in a Bag" soap!  So cute and I bet would intrigue children over 4 years of age!

You can find these fish in a bag soaps over at CraftyCutiesbyDesign.  

There are even Octopus Squid soap shapes, which little one wouldn't be trying to bet which tentacle will fade first?  These and many other shapes can be found at Scentsofhumorcandles!

There are many, many organic, glycerin,vegan and more types of soaps in the hand made, hand crafted soap section of Etsy, I simply couldn't collect them all, but I would love to, these people who make soaps work hard at providing a beautiful and environmentally perfect way for us to wash the daily grime away.  

I live by a very stringent budget so I give this type of gift for many occasions. I also use them for gift decorating, rather than buy a bow I use a bar of hand made soap instead.  I use smaller guest soaps in my powder room, people just love having their own bar of soap, it makes them know they're appreciated as guests and are not inflicted with my own personal day to day soap....I save money actually buying hand crafted soaps because they're beautifully crafted and contain only the best of environmentally friendly ingredients.   Makes soap cents to me......

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