Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Exquisite hand made items are genuinely an art form, hard to beat!  Usually the one of a kind items which are created and formed from the mind of the Artiste is something unique and makes for that special gift giving!

It isn't difficult to find hand made objects on Etsy, all you have to do is begin an exploration.  Like Livingston you will stumble upon something so different and wonderful you just have to have it or better yet buy it for that someone in your life you know will appreciate that hunted for and claimed treasure you know will be appreciated for many, many years to come, possibly even become an heirloom to be held as precious and with reverence.

To coax life from a certain medium is a genuine art in and of itself!

It wasn't difficult for me to find these glass blown Storks, these are so life like as if they'd just flown into your home and decided to stay!  Look at how very graceful these glass figurines are !  You really see the finesse in this skilled craft of  Karel Sobotka whose works are featured through WhiteGiraffesGifts
Hand blown glass of this quality is rare these days!  

Craft skill is something I do not possess!  Skill such as these Artiste's display of their workmanship comes from much trial, error, and untold years of honing their instincts in how their minds perceive the piece to look when finished.  

NOW ROCK ART is very unique!  The artist takes a gift from Mother Nature and as a visionary, pulls from that rock it's hidden lifeform!  In this case this Turtle is so lifelike as to make one think it may actually be a live creature.  It takes a far sighted artist to pull this character out of its shell, (metaphorically speaking of course)  to unveil the beauty they find buried inside. This is certainly the case with RockArtiste

The art of hand painting Glass is making a comeback as well, take this beautifully hand painted Dragon from Siampaint!    A person would have to possess a great deal of patience with themselves to coax color and life into a piece that began its life journey as a piece of clear blown glass!  This Dragon has been made regal and non menacing and ceremonial in its stance and coloring.   Bet this Dragon would bring much luck to its' owner!

Another hand made art form making a comeback in Fine arts is that specialized ability of beading!  This takes the utmost patience for certain to achieve still life art with the use of Beads!  I fell under the spell of this artist when I found this splendid handmade nest and the beaded eggs lovingly set into it!  I really can believe Mother Robin is very nearby and will be at her nest in no time.  This workmanship is precise, just check out the speckling on the eggs, now are these not splendidly made to look so real?  This art form of Meridith Dada and this specific piece of work can be found over at Meredith Dada's shop.

ANOTHER ART FORM making wonderful inroads on the Art Scene is FELTING, extremely difficult but rewarding if you have the skill!  Take this needle felted Sheep sculpture!  It's very dreamy appearance is so sweet and eye catching, how could you not want to give this as a gift to an adorable little child who would be fascinated with this near her bedside and inducing the sweetest of nightly dreams?

This particular sculpture can be discovered over at CozyMilArt.  

To those who appreciate hand made fine art there is nothing so special as trekking the trails to hand made shops of the Artisans whose shops are open 24/7 for anyone who has that adventurous streak and who appreciates the ingenuity of the person who spent the time to hone their skills and make such wonderful objects for others to share and enjoy!

****The choice of items I choose to write about is my own, I am not affiliated with any crafting community, sellers or store owners and no individual or company pays for my blogging about any article or item contained within this blog. I do not know any person or individual nor am I affiliated with them in any way whatsoever*****

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