Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Women through time have set standards with their apparel, one intriguing period is that of the 18th century, when women were literally tied into corsets in order to diminish the size of their waistlines.   

It is not every day one is fortunate to dress in costume from the Renaissance period, or for a man to let loose his personality and allow himself to dress as a swashbuckling Pirate, but, with Halloween on the horizon, it is time to think of a costume which you believe would make you stand out on All Hallows Eve!

These are but a few I found without any problems at all over at Etsy!  Skilled people put these together, something for certain I could not accomplish or even think I could attempt.  These gowns I just bet represent weeks of laborious work. 
 Any one of these fine gowns would make you the hit of the Halloween Ball to be certain, people would remember what character you decided to personify that evening

I am one who appreciates the look but would be loathe to have to wear such dress day in and day out, knowing myself I would never survive it.  None the less, these are stunning costumes and with the advent of All Hallows Eve (Halloween) arriving soon these sumptuous gowns are sure to become a hit in the round of costume parties and festivals taking place this year.  The Renaissance as well as the 18th Century provide much to draw from and these certainly are well designed and absolutely beautiful. 

This stunning 18th Century Medieval dress with laced front and attached hood makes me think of that wonderful movie  with Meryl Streep and Jeremy Irons "The French Lieutenants Woman" where this type of gown was worn.  I found this at YourDressmaker!   This is such a beautiful period piece and no denying its beauty. 

Then I found this stunning gown, fashioned in the Italian Renaissance style with its silk and satin bodice attached to a Cotton/Viscose Gown which makes the gown appear as if it were made from a very expensive Damask Brocade , so very luxurious wouldn't you agree?  This spectacular gown in sage greens was found at CorsetsandCostumes.  

This 16th Century European Kirtle Gown is just perfect.  See how beautifully it flows, with a high waistline set off with the Chemise look and long delicate sleeves and full skirt would certainly place the wearer of such a costume in the late 16th Century along with courtiers and maidens in any Court or possibly provide the wearer with the sense that possibly she might cross paths with the Great Leonardo!  

 Can you not envision yourself floating along medieval corridors in this gown?  I found this beauty over at Armstreet!  It is also at Armstreet I found the most Exquisite Wedding Gown, which when I spied it, I immediately thought of Camelot....

Not to be outdone, the men too are well represented at Etsy with period costumes befitting any one of the gowns a lady might wear.  This Doublet and Slops as they were called makes a fine cut for any man. 

There is even a cape which can be had to match this splendorous period garb. This particular costume can be had by going over to Historical Designs.

Intriguing are also the Pirate period costumes, they put you in mind of those wonderful swashbuckling pirates in movies starring such handsome rogues as Errol Flynn or of late Johnny Depp - ohhh they cut fine figures on those roguish costumes!  This costume from Mistythicket looks perfect! 

What man wouldn't want to dress like a Pirate for Halloween?

With my love of literature and being an avid reader, my imagination can certainly conjure up any one of these fine costumes and more.  It takes skill and hard work to bring these costumes into the marketplace, it also takes a connoisseur to recognize their individual beauty.  

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