Monday, September 1, 2014

The Marriage of Brass and Copper

Under our earths crust lay treasures mankind has been digging up since time began, making from various metals that which was carried or used as vessels to eat or drink from, or, to have or hang about one's person as a talisman or keepsake. Treasures from Mother Nature are crafted into items of beauty.  

It is not difficult to write about the beauty and the strength to be found in Brass, artists over time have structured many magnificent items from this magical metal.  Take these splendid book ends, absolutely perfect and weighty to hold a great deal of books between them..
Finely crafted the artist has brought them to life in what may be a hunting scene, each face exquisitely craved, the stance of the hunting dog so can find these over at the RememberWhenShoppe.

Copper and Brass belong together, they enhance each other and in this particular neck piece they bring each other to life!  This necklace is uniquely different.  I am one of those individuals whose personal taste for something out of the ordinary would choose this type of piece.  It certainly would provide the wearer and the viewer with a topic for lively conversation. 

This unusual necklace was made in Mexico and may be found in the PritiStar shop.

There is nothing so stunningly beautiful or moving than a Crucifix!  At the MilkaCervenka shop you will find this particular crucifix once again Brass and Copper have been married to display the beauty which only the Artist could visualize before bringing the both metals to life with his creation of this special piece.  

Brass is the best quality metal for producing clear tonal sounds such as for Instruments which make such sweet music for the ear and which soothes the soul.  Kenny G always comes to my rescue when I need to be uplifted through music and this is but one of instruments he makes his musical magic with, the Saxophone.   The sounds the brass can produce are truly magic!

This spectacular saxophone can be found at The Enchanted Attic.

Over time the tales of Copper and Brass artifacts which are worn against the body have been said to have healing qualities in warding off pain or produce healing in that it draws pain from the bodies joints, many people who suffer chronic arthritis will wear rings, bracelets or necklaces
made from the metals in their belief that the wearing of them provides self treatment of healing of their aches and pains.  As well as wearing these beautiful metals, we find them in the world of music as instrumental in bringing exquisite music to our ears and everyone loves a brass band, don't they?

Many tales throughout the Bible and Greek Mythology speak to the strength and beauty of these metals. 

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