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With the arrival in my modest mobile home of another person I soon had to develop a more stringent outlook to the storing of personal belongings. How to do this in an environment already tightly crammed with "stuff" makes one become more inventive, but how to do this was giving me a huge headache!  

So I have turned to the inventive entrepreneurs who seem well equipped and armed with fantastic ideas on how to re-purpose something from the past which seemingly was left behind or thrown away and change the way I thought by making some someone, somewhere thought no longer needed and turn it back to being useful and productive once again. 

TAKE Modernarchaeology1  wow what nifty storage solutions and recycling ideas this shop owner has!   These units can be had one by one or a multiple of units to make this type of storage possible and very reasonably priced for the budget conscious consumer.  

THIS old locker from RusticRealm is just the ticket for additional storage in that it is made from metal, it has 6 clear door fronts to each compartment making for a good visual and its depth can accommodate many personal items in a bathroom, or, a students bedroom, a sewing room, evening in the mudroom!  If your not into the industrial look of this type of cabinet a coat of metal paint will certainly make it look attractive in any space you've designated it's usefulness to serve!  I love it, it is tall and narrow with a large re-purpose factor going and it would fit right into my tiny home!

 Truthfully I never considered industrial cabinetry as having a place in a home, however over the past twenty years the notion of industrial has become innovative and "old" industrial metals such as what this cabinet is made of really makes sense. 

Again, a coat of metal rust proofing paint will make this useful cabinetry fit in any pace and take a look at the space it has.  I could use this as a cupboard to store my preserves and canned goods in, or, to hold fabrics in my sewing area, even in the computer room or area.  It would hold a the actual computer hardware, printer, paper, ink cartridges, software, test books, manuals, in a computer area alone. There are a multitude of ideas which come to mind in which this type of cabinet may be made useful once again.  Thanks to ModonMain this now has the opportunity to serve a new purpose as well as being reasonably priced!

I don't know about your kitchen, but many seniors as well as couples, singles, students live in downsized units and there is never enough kitchen storage for the way we live.  When I saw this unobtrusive sized wall unit I thought how it would serve my purposes in my tiny bathroom.  It would hold a variety of items a bathroom is always inundated with and free up additional space in my vanity shelving as I simply do not have drawers and this little cabinet would serve a very important purpose for the way my home is set up. 
When Etsy shopping I spied this perfect sized unit.  With it being made of a heavier gauge of plastic it would really withstand the humidity of a bathroom during showers and bath times!
You can see it at öpping!

It makes sense to reuse items and keeping them from landfill is agreeable to me as well as being inexpensive solutions to storage problems.  These units of the past will serve you and others for years to come and by re-purposing your also becoming an environmentalist and making a difference to our precious planet.

Today is the last Saturday before the commencement of school here in my area so while my student is off on her very first shopping expedition in Canada I am off to catch up on my reading. 

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