Friday, August 22, 2014


I LOVE Vintage Jewelry, it had classic design styles, colors and forms. 

THIS MORNING I happened across this beautiful brooch, then kept on wandering through different shops to see what else there was to find.  I found these and more, these happened to be my favorites today. 

I found some beautiful pieces of descriptive art works in jewelry and barely scratched the surface of shops that carry distinctive eye popping hand made wearable art works. 

LOOK at this beautifully colored and designed original enameled fish brooch with rhinestones from gioart!  This fish looks ready to make the high jump.  Its beautifully formed tail all fanned out in deep royal blue and tinged with gold and its splendorous turquoise fins neatly splayed and taking it somewhere.  The colors simply glorious and well coordinated together.   Not expensive by any stretch of the word and positively eye catching! (no pun intended) Beautiful for a brooch...Your sure to get noticed wearing this beautiful piece of "old" jewelry...Sadly this store seemingly is not there anymore!

As my search continued I found somethings I dearly would love to own and to wear on any given day with or without an event to show it off at, it is Native American Turquoise hand made and usually with silver as its accent.  There really is not finer than pieces made by Navajo Native Indians from an era we won't see again, they're pieces have love carved into them, they are timeless in their individual beauty and allow the turquoise to speak it's magical language to everyone.

This stunner is for sale at ShinePrettyGems once again to own and wear a piece of American Native Navajo culture it is not expensive.  See the beautiful craftsmanship in the rings silver and how it allows the stunning piece of turquoise to shine!  

One more beautiful piece of turquoise with silver as its backdrop.  This pretty can be bought from Odona.  This ring is an oval cabochon of marbleized turquoise surrounded with silver allowing the stone to speak for itself. Majestic in its simplicity!  Again, it is Vintage Navajo made long ago and really very inexpensive. 

Both of these shops have excellent taste in the pieces they have chosen to represent their shops and each shop sells Vintage wearable art in the form of jewelry.

Hmmm,  wonder if my Santa or my family is keeping track of things I would love to see come out of wrapped Christmas parcels???

Are you like me?  Do you enjoy wearing art from the past?  I get a kick out of being different and my choices of art that gain compliments make my day.  Any one of these pieces will do that.  Each shop has different and unique pieces of wearable vintage art, made by individuals who seemingly enjoyed their craft, who seemed to pack each piece with a bit of their soul.

WHAT does turquoise Navajo Jewelry do for you?

****The choice of items I choose to write about is my own, I am not affiliated with any crafting community, sellers or store owners and no individual or company pays for my blogging about any article or item contained within this blog. I do not know any person or individual affiliated with them in any way whatsoever*****

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