Tuesday, August 26, 2014


The mornings are changing, a certain scent is in the air, it is becoming cooler and geese can be heard making their way southward for their winter migration to warmer climates...which means that the harvests will be in, canning and preserving are in full swing and children will be returning back to the classrooms and the trees are beginning to show their new colors of golds, rusts, brilliant apple greens and sparkling golds before losing their magnificance and turning a dull shade of gray or brown!
This has got to be the advent of Fall, Thanksgiving is just around the corner, the day when the table is laden not only with the feasts of the summer harvest, but surrounded with family and friends, football and lively conversations.  
Mixing it up this year might fun! Imagine dressing the table with mismatched table settings, Pfaltzgraff here, amber glasses, etc. what fun!  No stress table setting and the possibility of evoking fond memories of Thanksgivings' past! 

Wouldn't it be fun to set the table with some real Vintage this Thanksgiving?  
For instance, what of these Pfaltzgraff  salad plates in blue and from TsEclecticCorner

Classic country, vintage lending a flair of the late 1950's early to mid 1960's with these Amber glasses from Jeniyesterday!

Of course, the entree being the center of attention is the star attraction of the day!  Plates are to be laden with all that scrumptious food you've been preparing and a large dinner plate is what is needed to hold all that great food. Why not place this bright and cheerful set from VictorianRehabDesign with its golden yellow on white design ten (10") inch dinner plates in front of everyone?

Makes for an exciting followup, a variety of color accompanying a variety of delicious foods, to fill all those hungry tummies just waiting for turkey and the trimmings and can't wait to begin eating?  

Laughter and chatter during each course and each with a different color, shape or design.  Changing up the table ware from years long ago might evoke some interesting questions and conversations about the "olden" days!  Possibly your mother had such a set but not enough pieces anymore to use at the dining table, but what fun if you mixed it up, or used  old fashioned glasses to hold the favored libation, coupled with interesting flatware like this set from Daisyrootsfrance !

Setting a miss matched table with all sorts of table ware from years past seems like a fun and different way to entertain the guests at your table on Thanksgiving Day, or, any event where your serving multiple courses of fantastic food.  

More and more people are turning to the preparation and eating of good foods, getting together to share in the culinary exploits with the tableware setting the tempo and inviting lively conversations of "do you remember" all good entertaining conversations while enjoying the feast of the season!

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