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Everyone loves hearing a great story and there is nothing more rewarding than to hear a child ask for a bedtime story, or to see a child become excited as well as enthralled with the latest adventure he or she is reading in between the covers of a book.  

I became passionate about literature when I was introduced to "Mother Goose Nursery Stories" while still very young through my father who was an avid reader and as I grew, taught me to read and while reading I learned to travel the world and experience adventures while sitting still with a book. 

The tales and adventures of other young people provided me with an exciting way to use my imagination and to expand my comprehension and reading as well as spelling skills.  Reading made me a better student, taught me to respect other cultures as well as to appreciate the values and opinions of other people who I may or may not have agreed with, but, appreciated their right to voice such different information, ideas and opinions. 

So it is with classic literature written by authors with an eye to the developing mind of a child, Authors such as: 

Robert Louis Stevensons' classic tale of "KIDNAPPED" from The Creative Hearth

What young boy can resist the story of how a young man used his ingenuity and be fortunate enough to have met others to help him save himself from a very sad and nasty situation?  This is a tale once read never leaves the reader no matter how old you've grown.

Who of you can forget  "DAVID COPPERFIELD" by Charles Dickens?  I remember I cried my way through some of the chapters of this classic tale. Thought by many to be the closest rendition of what may have been a Dickens Biographical..FrenchToastKitty has it in their shop along with many other good reads...

Nearly everyone who came from the 1950's and 1960's  remembers their favorite books, of reading the trials and tribulations of  "BOBBSEY TWINS" all written under the pseudonym of  Laura Lee Hope!  Tails of two sets of familial twins and endless shenanigans they managed to get up to and discovering they'd a mystery on their hands to solve, like The Smoky Mountain Mystery or The Mystery At Snow Lodge, and endless other accounts of mysteries they managed to solve.... these books made a young childs' mind active in anticipating how they may have solved the mystery or to think about solving a puzzle...

A gift of such a book or books to a 6 to 9 year old is a gift they may never forget!  These wonderful childhood stories may be found over at Jackobees Books.

As a preteen I became enthralled with books like "ANNE OF GREEN GABLES" and the "CHRONICLES OF AVONLEA" written by Lucy Maude Montgomery! Brought back to renewed fame and to the delight children in the 21st century by the world of television.  I could never wait until school work was finished to go back to reading all the worrisome trials Anne managed to get herself into and more or less grew up with Anne!  These wonderful books as well as other Lucy Maude Montgomery titles can still be bought to keep and treasure at Greenfield Books.  I still have my one copy I received when I was 12 from my Aunt Rose with her presenting inscription on the front fly leaf....that means it is a very old copy of a beloved story!

Do you remember "NATIONAL VELVET" written by Enid Bagnold?  We all remember the title of the book, but I had forgotten the Author's name!
There are hardly any children who do not love a story about a horse and no matter boy or girl, they will all be rooting for National Velvet to WIN!!!  This classic can still be had to be added to a Childs Literature Collection or as an addition to a collection you might begin for a newly welcomed child in your family...What grandparent doesn't enjoy reading to a child and seeing their eyes opening with wonder as passage after passage unfolds with new and exciting exploits, trials, tribulations and ultimate triumph over some form of adversity.   On a bookshelf at Anemone Reads Vintage.

No parent, elder sibling, family member or friend can be in the wrong for buying a child a book, a book will not break, a book excites, a book inspires and teaches and more than ever has a moral to it...when you teach a child to read today you are inspiring a Future Leader of tomorrow. 

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