Wednesday, August 20, 2014


THERE IS A PLACE on the web where you can buy just about anything, from brand new hand crafted, designed by some talented individual or purchase an item vintage to antique from years gone by. 

I know there are hundreds of e-commerce sites out there but Etsy is where I spend many hours of my day tending to my shop and enjoying the contents for sale is thousands of other shops, and there are some of the nicest people there you might ever meet.   

I have found a store to visit and continually go back just to see what this talented artist has in store as emotional eye candy.  I thought it only fitting to begin my new blog with Matts' talents today.  

Got a moment?  Travel on over to Lexington, North Carolina and meet Matt Hamblen of mattsart !  My mind got blown away by this art work!  This piece is my favorite!

Simply titled "MIRACLE"

It is for myself and in my opinion so simplistically stunning, moving and the colors vibrant and alive.   I need this art work right here with me where I can experience its magic everyday.

The emotions it evokes from my seeing it are simply overwhelming, makes me want to climb inside the frame and sit on what I imagine is a huge bolder that I might someone might sit on, wrapped in something warm to stave off the chill from the windy night descending air just to watch the sun as it sinks and witness blazed red clouds in the distance and hear the sounds of the geese (I call them gees) flying overhead heading to warmer climates. 

Anyhow, these are the emotions this painting evokes from me.  I can certainly see it as the star in my favorite room, something someone else will also see as as they enter and be just as captivated by it as I am.

There are many, many more paintings by Matt Hamblen there for you to experience, bet one of them will grab you!

This then is my first pick of things most interesting to share with you today.

****The choice of items I choose to write about is my own, I am not affiliated with any crafting community, sellers or store owners and no individual or company pays for my blogging about any article or item contained within this blog. I do not know any person or individual affiliated with them in any way whatsoever*****

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