Friday, August 29, 2014


Yesterday I explained how dippsy I am over Italian Leather shoes, today you'll discover my excitement over leather handbags and as if the Purse Gods above heard me they lead me straight to these fantabulous mama's!  

The very first bag I spied actually looks so perfect, it's a leather clutch, perfectly formed, fantastic spring and summer colors and would enhance just about any fashion ensemble..Have you heard of eNdApPi?  There are hand bags over there to stun your senses and this perfect clutch can be found over at eNdApPi.....this shop has some absolutely to die for handbags...

I can see this beautifully designed Art Deco evening bag on the Red Carpet in the hand of Cameron Diaz!  If you head on over toe The Refined Ruffian you will spy this beauty waiting for someone tall and chic to show it off....this is absolutely stunning! 

For those days when absolutely casual is the only way to go this triangular leather backpack is perfect!   Right color, not overly large and certainly not too small, just the right size for a day of indulged shopping and leaving your hands free to hold the shopping bags holding your newly bought can find this versatile and handy leather bag at 


We know every woman needs at the very least one stunning little black bag to go along with that wonderful classically designed black dress!  A black bag will take you anywhere, at any time for any event (almost any event)!  This is a classic, it comes out of the 1950's when Audrey Hepburn and Princess Grace Kelly were setting the fashion scenes!  

This can be just the ticket for setting impressions on their heels!  Its perfectly shaped, glossy black with that "je nes sai quoi" or "I know I look good, but I just don't want you to know I know it!" can find this and other stunners at The Fat Envelope

I so love my window shopping tours at Etsy, there is something there for everyone and every occasion or need...see you tomorrow, I am off to do more shopping....

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