Saturday, August 23, 2014


Skill in interpreting your design is a masterful skill, how creative minds manipulate fabrics and turn their creative ideas into things we all want to wear and use...

WHEN I saw this necklace from The Whirlwind I fell in love!  It is creative, it uses my favorite medium, "fabric" and finishes it off with romantic lace!  Truth told, I have never in my travels seen a necklace like this one - something you wear around your neck and actually has lace and is deemed to be a "necklace"!  How creative and unique is that?

Lace is something I think of as being eternal, it is delicate, it is minute stitches of open worked fabric, it speaks its' own language!  Who doesn't see the beauty in lace?  Lace seems synonymous with weddings, christenings and Queen Elizabeth I!  Least ways that is how I tend to think when I see Lace.  It is the vintage hand made lace that is intriguing.  
Lace has the ability to tell a story, historically, speaking Queen Elizabeth I wore lace endlessly.  Lace is like a shadow, revealing and yet concealing, and really very sexy!

I spied this queen like styled lace wedding dress at The Vintage Mistress, a 1950's lace creation which made me think Regal, something fit for a Queen or a princess.  Now this being a vintage gown had me thinking that Bride who first owned and wore this dress on her wedding day, must have looked and felt just as if she were a Princess about to be crowned a Queen in this glorious lace!

Christenings are all about tradition and lace is a true tradition.  Sometimes just a hint of tradition,  like in a baby's Christening gown, such as this handmade gown. It is simply beautiful?  

Over at IrishChristening I found this absolutely very special Irish Linen and Lace hand made Christening Gown.  Who doesn't envision their baby being christened in such a gown?  The picture even has the christened babe sleeping peacefully on a crocheted lace throw/blanket....

Lace, the historical fabric that speaks a language all its' own, so stunning so sexy, so romantic, so remarkable, so beautiful it speaks.

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