Thursday, August 28, 2014


Like nearly 99% of the female population I love shoes and handbags and only they had been my size I wouldn't be telling you about them in case you beat me to the check out!

I am such a sucker for stylish Italian Leather shoes, just take a look at these 1970's beauties from honeytalkvintage!  These 1970's two colored leather pumps, made in Italy!   Just imagine how soft and luxurious your feet would feel in these delightful all leather crafted shoes?  The colors are what drew me to them, sadly these are not my size! 

As is the case with this next pair of shoes, if these were my size, I would keep the information to myself until I could slap my money down and have them all to myself, but, such is not the case so I will share these with you...
From StyleandSalvage these stylish two style leather with "kitten" pump heels are just the color and style for fall and as to comfort, I just bet the feet that fit into these will be cloud walking!  Just the proper shoe for a full work day at the office and these will even take you out to supper after your work day is through. 

Another pair and again these are Italian, see, these just jump out in front of me, must be something in the air, Italian Leather, you can't beat it!  These are lovely, just perfect for any occasion you choose to wear these for, these will fit in anywhere.  These look so demure with that wonderful crafted leather toe Bow, now tell me can you not see your feet in these shoes walking down the fashion Runway?  
These two toned pretties are from libbysfabric - these are shoes with style and grace! Of course these are Salvatore Ferragamo shoes...

These next shoes are the classic of Classics!!  No matter what color this style of shoe is designed in their almost irresistible!  Unfortunately I am not certain these are Italian leather, but who cares, these are the be all and end all of class in fashion...These walking down the street say "hey take a good look at me!".  When I see these shoes I see Merel Streep or Glenn Close in these shoes, oh, don't I wish I had their legs and beautiful tend to notice the shoes coming toward them and their eyes take it from there...These can be found at JandVaddicted and once again these are not my size!!!

Thanks for walking through the years with me in these shoes!  Least in my mind these are my feet being a tourist and walking in any one of these styles down a Parisian street, mm mmmmmm mmmmmmmmm!

****The choice of items I choose to write about is my own, I am not affiliated with any crafting community, sellers or store owners and no individual or company pays for my blogging about any article or item contained within this blog. I do not know any person or individual affiliated with them in any way whatsoever*****

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