Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I will explain a little later why today is full of excitement and even a bit of trepidation for me...but first, lets look at this beautiful handmade Chinese fan!
 I found this at sunriseinparadise!  A most beautifully constructed and hand painted fan and stunning piece of home decor.  I know I could not master the skill in which it took to make this beautiful fan can you?

Another room decor idea is the use of small hand painted plates from China, can you just imagine the delight seeing these each time you walk into the room where you have chosen to place them?  These are magnificent!
I found these at TONITIQUES

I realize Chinese design isn't for everyone, but every once in awhile, something grand and glorious is unearthed and when you see it you just have to have it, these plates make me want them.  

More Chinese flair with these Chinese Shallow bowls for dim sum or for dipping sauces?  These are the ticket to have when entertaining some evening using a Chinese theme for you and your nice to have these at the ready for a variety of sauces your serving.  These come from VIVALSVINTAGE
aren't they just super?  Your guests are certain to appreciate your style.

Nothing goes better with food from China than to drink Chinese tea served from an authentic Chinese Tea set.  Chinese tea is instrumental in assisting your digestive system and is non-filling and it also cleanses the pallet.  I found this beautifully crafted Tea set at MusicCityTeas      It is a set with its own special design and uniquely attractive.  This set even comes with its own serving tray...and if not for an evening gathering of friends and Chinese food then an afternoon after a shopping expedition relaxing with Chinese tea.

My choice of Chinese today is in anticipation of a young lady coming all the way from Chine to stay the whole school year.  It is exciting in that neither she nor I have met  because she will arrive today after a grueling nearly 30 hours travel from her home just to get here so she may attend a Canadian school.  I have been busy this week getting her room ready in anticipation of her arrival today.  

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