Monday, August 25, 2014


Our summer, such as it was this year is nearly over and when it finishes it will open up a new attitude in clothing fashions  for the coming Fall and Winter seasons ahead!

Our little ones will be returning to school, then Thanksgiving and before you know it along comes Christmas and if we are totally social some wonderful events in between. 

I notice women and girls have all the luck!  We have scads and scads of clothing and accessories to choose from, but the choices for men seem a bit on the lop side of the fashion scene, or so it seemed until I began searching around Etsy.  I never really considered just how many shops there are that cater to men and the fashions trends for men.

Men are becoming quite the fashion horses are they not?  Etsy has hundreds of shops to help them become and remain well dressed for any time of the day, night, occasion or event!

Take this Vintage suit from the 1930's!  Classically designed in the 1930's but looks as dapper on this young man today in 2014.  See how handsome he makes the suit look by revamping how he wears it and the accessories put together to go with it making this young fellow look rather dashing, wouldn't you agree?  
This is a double breasted, three button vintage suit which can easily take its place anywhere in forthcoming seasons not just the remainder of the year but well into the future...over at nanascottagehouse you can discover this suit among other wonderful vintage wear, minus this young man, of course! 

The making of a mans' attire are clean hands and fingernails, a smart tie, but what people seem to notice after the suit walks in are his shoes!  

Vintage shoes sport a style all their own and in my opinion were made for foot comfort!  I remember my father and brothers wouldn't wear anything but leather, leather meant a comfortable day, sturdy and wearable for years!

These Allen Edmonds Loafers from CompanyMan are just the ticket!  They look extremely well made and were well cared for!  Sturdy, well designed leather loafers in that Oxblood color will take a man from day into evening wear without difficulty.    
These may be vintage but they look new.
Heads definitely will bend to examine these handsome shoes! 

With the advent of fall and winter which season we know is just around the corner, we know nothing looks better than a boutonniere in a mans lapel.  

We all know flowers do not do well in cold weather, they just wilt quickly and after an hour it isn't a wilted flower a man wants hanging on his chest! 
He needs a facsimile!  Something real and fresh looking that will take him to more than just one function!  Look what MellysBow has to offer in the way of Flowers for mens' lapels!  Handmade beautiful Boutonniere's, these surely won't wilt.

There is nothing spiffier than a well dressed man!  He stands out no matter where he is,  when he feels great about how he looks in his well made suit, solid comfort shoes on his feet and a dapper flower in his lapel I bet that man enjoys himself the whole day through. 

It has been years since I actually thought about men and their clothing, but lately I see men dressing in a way that looks completely effortless.

Fashions for men can be found at Etsy, vintage to new, classic in design because those who sell for men keep abreast of the latest and upcoming fashion trends.  It is their business to have just about anything a fellow believes he may need to look dressed in a fashion he perceives himself to wear.  He can choose everything from socks to cuff links, ties and bow ties, belts and belt buckles, hat to caps and everything in between.  

Be it a necessity or be it a gift for that man or men in your life, whatever it is you'll find it in Etsy shops. 

****The choice of items I choose to write about is my own, I am not affiliated with any crafting community, sellers or store owners and no individual or company pays for my blogging about any article or item contained within this blog. I do not know any person or individual affiliated with them in any way whatsoever*****


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