Sunday, August 24, 2014


I tend to watch documentaries on television, especially those that delve into the past, and when I see vintage photographs in sepia or black and white,  they tug at my heart strings.  Sometime I wonder about the people in the photograph, who were they, what did they do, what would they think of Society and the surge of technologies today?  

I found this beautiful touching photograph over at dawnandross, these two girls are friends!  From the looks in their eyes, they're filled with contemplation of that moment, knowing it will be frozen in time to keep forever that bond between them.
I would love to have this photograph, even not knowing who these girls were or are, they'd allow me to ponder the mystery of who they were and what became of them.

Now this photograph from the 1930's can be had from girlcatdesign and it is filled with question marks for me, were these young fellows farmers, or lumbermen?  They look like a group of fellows who worked together, were they best friends?  Were they a family of brothers?  Look at the clothes they wore, one fellow even had on a suit and a tie, was he in charge?  ah questions, these old photographs pose so many questions...

Over at gwensewvintage I actually found a picture that evoked a vivid memory of my darling other-in-law Jean.  She and her friends and neighbors would save up the whole year, then book a trip to Galway (Ireland), in the 1940's to buy for their families at Christmas time, sometimes lucky enough to scoot back across the border without having something confiscated, or be forced to pay duties on their meager purchases.  This picture reminded me of her and the stories she told about those excursions, and a sit down with a cuppa was one of the best parts of the day before boarding the bus home.  While they sat with their teas catching their breath the women always had a wee chat.

And last, I found this one at TheGlamourist.  Who doesn't love to see old street scenes?  I love these, there are hundred of things to identify and wonder at, it really wasn't so long ago and the leap of how changed and different I bet that City is today!  That photo much be a 1920's or early 1930's don't you think?  

Thought provoking old photographs, conjuring up all sorts of thoughts and questions of days well before our time, the fashions, the settings, the times when people went out and about, no i-phones stuck to their palms, or earphones stuck in their ears.  LOL

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