Thursday, August 21, 2014


Look what I found this morning!

Absolutely perfect in every sense, to my way of seeing this hand crafted time piece, it reminds me of a beautiful peacock.  It is one of many, all hand made and so very interesting.  This one just happens to move me.  Every household needs a clock in their spaces.  

This particular clock is sublime!  It sparkles with its gold and turquoise!  It really does make me think of a Strutting Peacock.  Simply beautiful!

If you feel the need of a new clock, or just want to see the variety of wall time pieces,  head on over to see what other offerings Janice Johnson has made!  Her shop name is makingtimetc

Most every where you visit outside of your living space has a clock!  I don't think there are places you visit without a clock, (other than a Casino) where you will not see the face of a clock somewhere in those surroundings, like for instance a restaurant, a bowling alley, a school room, the boardroom, an office, an airport, the library, a hospital, etc.! 

Have you ever taken notice that wherever you see clocks on a wall that just about all of them differ and vary in styles, shapes and sizes!  
I notice wall clocks, I am one of those people who have always noticed a variety in wall clocks, some are HUGE and some are average and some downright small,  all of course are interesting to me. Not necessarily that I need the time of day, they just interest me.

I wonder how long clocks have been an essential part of our daily lives? 

Well, now you know I like clocks and how it can make time a thing of beauty.

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