Sunday, September 7, 2014


Setting a table with pieces of  generations old Brilliant cut glass is a way of showing your guests they matter because you thought to serve them with your best!  
America's Brilliant Cut Glass is but one period in the history of Glass Cutting, however, because the cutting of the glass itself was done by hand using a rotating cutting wheel.  A smooth formed bowl let us say would be individually hand cut in the method stated above and through the eyes of the designer something totally stupendously beautiful evolves and becomes a coveted piece of glass.... For Centuries people have been collecting this type of glass, set apart by its period of popularity and as time passed its sustained beauty.   The period for American Cut Glass began in the year 1771 in Manheim, Pennsylvania and the Flint Glass Company. 

Not being an expert in anything remotely as beautiful as Brilliant Cut Glass, it's sheer sustainable beauty is making a popular comeback with the hunters and gathers of Vintage Collectibles. 

One such gorgeous piece is this different shaped Celery Dish, which may be had from Mathilda's Attic all over tiny faceted cuts like exploding stars.   Can you imagine how appealing celery or asparagus would look laid out on this dish?

Another beautiful example of cut glass is this Biscuit or Cookie Jar with its handsome shape and heavy matching lid with a decanter top....

Intricately carved and highly collectible, to my eye swirling stars and heavily cut crimped like edging on its lid....imagine this on your sideboard filled with sumptuous tasting cookies!   I actually overheard a lady last week seeking such a piece to give as a wedding gift, wish I had seen this I would have told her she could find it right there at the grabsbag shop. 

I happen to love this Brilliant Cut Glass, there is nothing prettier than having cream and sugar set on a table for after dinner tea or coffee...having such a set actually elevates the look of  the table and the pretty cups and saucers as well as china mugs. 
This set from the VioletandValley shop would look stunning with any table setting when filled with Sugar and cream the pattern would be displayed beautifully. 

How often do you give yourself the pleasure of serving lemonade from a stunning cut glass pitcher?  This one from the BeanzVintques shop is perfect!  It is the right size and so beautifully cut as to make the lemonade a desirable drink poured just from it alone! 

There are of course proper names for patterns cut into glass, and these all stem from various historical glass cutting designers.  This could have come from Fry, Hawkes, Flint, Fostoria, Dorflinger or even one glass manufacturer I haven't mentioned, why, because there were so many wonderful glass cutters and not always was a piece stamped with the designer or manufacturers name. 

Becoming, beguiling Brilliant Cut Glass was a labor intensified process and knowing some person cut their feelings into the piece and realizing it has been passed lovingly down through generations,  making it worthwhile to own and to use and you cannot do better than that when you serve your guests with the very best.

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