Sunday, September 14, 2014

Reclamation Is In!

I know you noticed, I took the day off yesterday!  With my International student here, a four legged fur person staying, rain and chilly weather, I sort of lost yesterday.  However, here I am today, window shopping at Etsy.  

Shopping at Etsy is like being in the largest mall in the whole world, everything you might want is right here and can be accomplished from the comfort of your own space in your home...

Today I went looking for sculptures, hand made by the shop owner and discovered some fantastic pieces. 

Take this Affinity Motherhood Sculpture from gilispencer Morgah!  

Handmade from recast stone and hand painted this is a breathtaking piece.  It very simplicity makes it so beautiful.  No words are required to describe this because it speaks for itself. 

Here is a unique sculpture, it is a tile, but compelling in its overall perspective and personality. 
This spectacular intense piece comes from Gordon Hare, two time award winner of a prestigious award from Ward Foundation World Champion for his Wildfowl Sculpture.  His shop the SculptureGeek has his sculptures for sale, and this is a personal choice of mine to share with you today!   Mr. Hare whose works have been exhibited at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Museum, the National Geographic Society in Washington, D.C. and the British Museum of Natural History and in addition to these prestigious Museums, he also does reproductive items for the Royal Ontario Museum, in Toronto, Canada.  You can read all about this particular sculpted piece at his Shop!

Dan Towell, is a reclamaition artist (my definition for what this man accomplishes) and works with recycling of metals.  His favorite being barbed wire to use in his sculptures.  His Gallery is where you will find this exquisite re-purposed metal rose!  The gallery name from which you will find this piece and other whimsical and fantastic pieces of sculpture is the dustyraven!

 He calls his art "twisted art", good use of wording for his type of art.  I am very much taken with his spider webs - he has so many I simply cannot choose among them, and his Large Copper Dragon Egg is suburb, you really have to go and see it all!

Now, if you would like to see an artist do something more than jewelry with polymer clay, you have got to go and visit with Tyler Mullan of EmmersonKateDesigns!  Her handmade polymer clay pet sculptures are so lifelike and I am certain the buyers of such a sculpture would be more than pleased with the likeness and it's total outcome....take a look at this pet sculpture, how utterally realistic is this?  If I wanted my pet preserved for posterity, I would commission Tyler to do it for me!

One of my favorite artists studio gallery's to visit at Etsy is Ken Phillips!  His work is so hauntingly and romantic that I keep going back to view the new piece he may have completed....of course you might guess from his work I am a tree lover, trees in all their shapes and forms are so uniquely different, even in the same species there are subtle differences, different forms depending on where they have been standing and growing, the elements cause the differences and this makes the mystery of their beauty unique.   Ken works in cedar trees and flag stone and his work may be discovered or found at FeathersOfTheForest.    I have run into a difficult situation today because I am having to decide just which tree I want to show you, their all so magnificent that it really is hard to choose but one!

This is the choice which has grabbed me today, must say though his green wire tree is also so very beautiful and it was a difficult choice to make today!

Sculpture as an art form takes itself into many genres and levels of true artistic endeavors.  I am intrigued by the art of making dolls,  their called dolls, but these are truly unique and not in the sense of being dolls you see children playing with, but with a true identity all of their own, these are figurines of distinction!  As with forms of sculpture, the pieces have their own unique and complex personalities breathed into them by the artist themselves, who take the medium they work in to another level.  
NitaAngeletti is one of those artists whose creations have a life all of their own.  Take this piece she is named Violetta!  Pensive in her outlook and it's like your waiting for her to speak what it is she seems to be pensive about! She really is one of a kind, shall I just say in my opinion she is unique her costume divine!

I realize I am spouting my own opinion here and that art sculptures are not for everyone, but I truthfully believe your going to see the appreciated value of these art pieces increase as more and more collectors are beginning to appreciate the energy and cohesive use of reclaiming and recycling of materials and taking something which may have been destined for the scrap heap and breathing new life into it and recreating a piece of beauty. 

It won't be long before you hear the names of these artists throughout the art world and of the collectors who must have their work, and it won't be long before many more reclamation artists will be heard from as well.

If you want original art,  take a tour of the many you will find here at Etsy. 

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