Tuesday, September 9, 2014


I am fascinated by Depression Glass with all of its various forms, such as Vaseline Glass!  It has a unique green or yellow to green color shade to it because of the uranium content in the glass compound!  Some examples of Vaseline Glass made during the Depression era were stunning!  Its vivid green was not likened to any other green glass from that Era. 

This type of glassware actually came from hardship, in the time when North American suffered catastrophic financial losses throwing families already living with little to no income at all into rather dramatic decline!  Many families being uprooted to live on the road, others in far off distant meadows and forgotten hillsides in an attempt to survive with what little they might glean from a tiny patch of land.  There was no work, certainly no longer was there great wealth and the years certainly took a horrendous toll on civilization.   While financial hardships were evident, many glass companies took to coloring their glass and offering it for pennies, or as incentives to their wares getting into the market places at gas stations, in movie theaters, in boxes of soap powder etc.......the term Depression or Recession glass eventually in the 1960's came into its prized collectible standing, being much more valued than its manufacturers ever dreamed it would become. 

As it is with many collectors, we recognize a good piece when we see it and of course I am no exception to this phenomenon and so I scour Etsy where I know the cream of many crops of collectibles are to be found.  

TAKE this stunning Compote Pedestal Bowl from Antiqueglassetc !  Set against a darkened background it shines brightly almost as it it were a neon piece, yet, when photographed against a lighter background you can see just how the green intersperses throughout the glass itself, almost clear and then the green comes out of its shell to meet the eye!

Then there are these magnificent plates with peridot green Depression Glass which I bet also has some uranium in it because the green is so very beautifully offset by the use of the Antique Gold banding around the plate edges.    Any table set with these plates on it cannot help but make the guest sitting in front of it feel privileged.  Truly an elegant plate!  These plates were discovered at the RosebudsOriginal Shop .

I discovered this Rich Butterscotch with an iridescent cast to it.  This bowl with its inverted curved edge turned collar has those wonderful soft rippled lines which seem to accentuate its shape.  It is a bowl and quite beautiful and actually not common but quite rare in its deep color formula and from the look of it your fingers can almost feel the beveling effects which the glass blower created.  This is a deeper color you don't come across too often which makes it all the more desirable.   I found this gorgeous highly collectible piece of Depression Glass at KonniesPlace.

 Pink is color which tends to make the Depression glass ELEGANT and there was a segment of the Era which was called Elegant.  The translucency of the the pink made the pieces look soft and dainty, or for want of a better term delicate... this particular blown over edge and etched bowl of delicate pink is to die for!  It is absolutely exquisite!

I found this at the KCsVintageTreasuries.  Look at how very soft the etched flowers and leaves appearance against the translucent pink of the glass look! Is this not an exquisite specimen of a skilled artisan from long ago?

I never fail to be amazed when somehow I find beauty, just sitting there waiting for someone to chose it and treasure it all over again, and if only the piece you fall in love with could relay its actual history to you, what wondrous tales it would reveal.   I never fail to ask for a piece when I write to Santa each year. 

****The choice of items I choose to write about is my own, I am not affiliated with any crafting community, sellers or store owners and no individual or company pays for my blogging about any article or item contained within this blog. I do not know any person or individual nor am I affiliated with them in any way whatsoever*****

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