Monday, September 8, 2014


Officially summer is not yet over, weddings are still a happening event, even the racing season isn't over either, and huge important "hat" wearing events are still uppermost in many circles!  In celebratory moods,  women over the past several years have been fascinated with adorning their heads with beautiful finery to mark the event or occasion, with some annual events over and above weddings, being the high light of the season and a perfect time to wear a new hat!  DID you know there are HAT wearing rules of etiquette for wedding attendees?  According to Wedding Ideas Magazine there are 12 Rules of Wedding Etiquette! 

In my day everyone wore hats for a plethora of occasions, Church, Weddings, Funerals and Christenings being the four most hat wearing occasions, then when a lady went shopping there were the head coverings like bandannas and there were "everyday hats".  

In general women do not wear hats everyday anymore when out and about shopping, oh yes, there are still some women who do wear hats everyday and can pull it off, but for the important events women are pulling out all the stops and wearing some of the most daring and fashionable head gear the Milliners cannot make fast or enough of. 

Etsy Milliners are no different from brick and mortar millinery shops and I have found some beauties to share with you today. 

THIS pastel pink pill box is absolutely stunning!  It will easily hold its own above the wide brimmed toting feather hats in the crowd...

HeatherFeatherDesign has designed this pretty in pink stunner to compliment the beauty of the woman and glorifies the face.  It is simple yet stunning in its paled pink with teeny polka dots and one large floral adornment.  

MarinettaDesign takes my vote for that #1 wedding hat for a Bride with this breathtaking design.  It's netted top covering the Brides eyes still has the effect of shading the radiance of her beauty from all eyes which are upon her as she makes her way to her beloved waiting for her at the alter and yet shows off her glorious beauty on this special day of days in her life.  With a crinoline bow adorned with pristine pure white floral pieces and long wispy tailed white feathers, this hat still allows everyone to focus solely on the beauty of the Bride herself.  The bride is looking demure before the ceremony and radiant after the vows!  From beginning to change of scene the Bride remains front and center with this headpiece.  

FELT may really be worn for any occasion in any season, but full summer comes to mind with this gorgeously constructed pill box Dahlia in vivid red.
It covers the entire crown of the head and its pretty petals enhances its simplistic beauty.  This hat will fit in anywhere, a wedding, a Graduation, the Races and even for that Gallery opening!  LillibetsMillenery has this way of elevating felt without it looking wide brimmed or stiff.  This hat is pert and audacious without being flashy..

This little number from Facinators First seems to be saying farewell to summer with its soft colors of  the approaching fall season.  This fanned crinoline netting with this particular style can be worn in a variety of ways and still offers that coquettish look!  With golden cherries surrounded with salmon pink and golden yellowed petaled flowers and crested with beautiful long stripped chocolate colored coque feathers which enhance the shape of the face. 

Hats are an important trend in fashion today, they follow the Runway Fashions and they enhance the wardrobes we chose to wear and they certainly do make statements.  While not a hat wearer myself I appreciate the look and appeal of what seems now to be termed FASCINATORS  and not just "hats" as being an important accessory to just about every woman's function attire. 

There are many Millinery Designers at Etsy, all more than willing to make a Fascinator just for you!  Where can you go to brick and mortar and have a head dress designed especially for you? 

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