Friday, September 5, 2014


Don't you just adore little kids and their wonderfully chosen costumes?  I realize we tend to go overboard at times when making suggestions to our children about what or whom they might impersonate on the eve of Halloween.  Usually it is a tough call because normally it is raining and chilly and sometimes downright cold.  When the weather makes if nasty, parents want their children to be warm and comfortable for their walk down neighborhood paths towards a sugar high!

KIDS love to show off their costumes, but how to do that all bundled up inside a raincoat or a snowsuit?  Having said that, many Halloween nights of late have been held inside where the children can shrug off their warm outer clothing to show off their beautiful costumery.  

Many new parents also want baby to be costumed while on their way to Grandma`s house, and these are the costumes I have been looking for today!

Here are a few Handmade costume ideas, specifically for the young set that believe no one will know them once their dressed up and imitating their most favorite characters..

This is just darn right cute any child can wear this and when the wee gnome has been put to bed and dad needs a costume, he can steal it and even he can get away with the hiding behind the beard...LOL  This handmade costume accessory comes from littlebeanart!  Who wouldn't adore this little gnome?

This next handmade costume comes straight from DIPdesigns!  OMG this is too cute!  Soft just like a newborn chick!  Or as the child may describe it BIG BIRD, but I prefer chick cause she's so downy soft and sweet in this costume of yellow feathers, leggings and foot covers ....

THIS ONE is so perfect who wouldn't want to carry around a little Cabbage Patch Doll?  She's is absolutely scrunchable!
This costume comes from The Lillie Pad.   What a perfectly well made cabbage patch doll wig this is!!!

I love Ladybugs!  This handmade Ladybug costume is so adorable..It was handmade at wrenandribbon, doesn't she look special?

No matter which costume you believe your seeking, there are so many beautiful and well thought out costumes for children of all ages at Etsy.  There is even ``Little Red Riding Hood`` from EmeraldBelleDesigns who is being well protected against the Big Bad Wolf  while on her way to Grandmothers house!!!!

There is the little Penguin who believes he can fly from SoldbyThe 

As well as Bumble Bee`s, Angels, Superhero`s and so many more, I could fill at least a dozen pages of these beautiful costumes for babes and infants and all available at Etsy.  

If you are in any way thinking Halloween and baby take a tour through Etsy Handmade Costumes, your sure to find exactly the right one just for your infant...

Should you feel like commenting on anything I have written, don`t be shy, just do it....your comments and ideas are welcomed.

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