Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Regrettably this week is becoming one of those you really wish would go away!  I am taking a forced HIATUS until next Monday!  Sorry bout this but..........I am in need of a new heating system, the odors coming from my existing furnace was playing havoc with my physical system, terrible headaches, only thing good about all of this is that I am a fresh air fiend and have my windows open 24/7!  According to the technician my Landlord sent in I could possibly be dead!  The dreaded carbon monoxide would surely have done me in if I had not been sleeping with open windows!!!  WHOA now I would say this was a huge eye opener....wouldn't you?

SO TOMORROW I get my new furnace and my new Carobon Monoxide Detector.....yay no more headaches or other wierd stuff!!! 

I am extremely Thankful to be here and writing this post, this morning! 
IF YOU HAVE a heating system other than electric, I would suggest you double check it is in good working order, take it from me, it will pay you to do this.  I am so happy I handled this right away, I shudder to think of the consequences!

Forgive the self indulgence today, but I am also a seller on Etsy and need to take just a wee hiatus in writing posts for you,  The Bag Lady from The Bay, is where I sell my hand made quilted bags, cosmetic bags, Totes for Toys for little children, as well as place mat sets and quilts.  
Due to The Bag Lady having committed to attending three local craft fairs and since selfishly I also need to earn a little something, it is with hopes that there are shoppers out there wanting some hand made quilted items!  In order to fulfill these obligations I had best get back to the sewing machine as I wish more inventory to take along with me to the craft fairs.   Luckily a repeat customer was here this morning and bought this one I made yesterday, so sadly I had to delist it from the shop this morning!  YAY it sold!

WITH ONLY  56 sleeps left until the ALL Important Morning arrives, please, check out your Etsy Independent Shops owners if your on line seeking great Christmas ideas!  Don't forget to plug "SALES" into your search bar while at Etsy because many, many shops are holding wonderful sales with great items just waiting for you.... 

Please remember, all shops  are Independently owned and operated under the Umbrella of  @Etsy.  

Remember too, if you want something for Christmas, order it as soon as you can to avoid disappointment in it not arriving on time, you do realize how busy the mail systems become at that all important time of the year, so shop early, save and be ready to relax and enjoy the festivities you've worked hard to achieve for this coming Christmas season. 

I promise to do more shopping next week, and, if there is something your seeking or something special you want and haven't found, do go to the specialty teams on Etsy, I just bet there will be someone there who can help you find what it is your seeking or wanting to be custom made just for you!

*IF you have a comment, an idea, or just want to have your say, there is a comments section on this blog for your use, I would be very happy to hear from you and to participate or respond, so please help yourself, leave a comment!

See you here again this coming Monday!

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