Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Santa List Ideas

Good Morning, I hope my fellow Canadians had a very nice and pleasant Thanksgiving long weekend and enjoyed all of the special foods we chose to eat at this special time of the year. 

We, my Exchange student and I along with another student from China were invited to share in a very large and substantial Thanksgiving dinner yesterday, held at the Retirement Home owned and operated by friends. 

The weather was fantastic, the sun shone, people were out and about walking and taking in the fall colors which are peaking in our neck of the woods. After long walk with our hostess, the two students were ready to eat their first Canadian Thanksgiving dinner.  

There were 32 people in all and the tables were laden with food!  There was  mashed potatoes, turnip, sweet potato, home made pickle relish, coleslaw salad, ham and of course turkey with bread stuffing, and lots of gravy.  Then for afters there was a choice of pumpkin or apple pie, and the pie slices were huge, with a dollop of cream on top.  It was scrumptious and I ate far too much, of course!  

After the tables were cleared our Hostess got the Old Fashioned Player Piano going and the singing began.  This particular piano was made in 1929 and with it there were at least 50+ rolls of tunes all popular from that era. 

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us in our part of North America, the countdown continues with only 70 days left to prepare for Christmas.  
Realizing of course 70 sounds like a long time, but believe me, now is the time to shop so when the Big day arrives your going to be relaxed and ready to enjoy the day.

Before Christmas day appears, there will be a round of seasonal parties and many interruptions so shopping now is a smart thing to do. 

Lets take a look at some personal gift giving choices this week beginning with some jewelry I have been admiring, like this very beautiful natural stone ring which is handmade using a Watermelon Tourmaline.  This is a natural stone wrapped in silver plated copper wire.  I found this at the PepperandPomme shop.  Erin, designs and makes these herself!  There are many unique pieces in this shop.   I chose this one for myself because I so love the coloring. 

Now for something I have never seen before but admire and would not mind receiving is this wrist watch made from natural red sandalwood....I love sandalwood, always have and I have never seen a wrist watch made from wood before.  This is absolutely beautiful and very unique.   It suits my style. 

The owner of Woodie Specs creates these beautiful watches and sunglasses from all types of fine wood.  This particular watch is well designed for my taste..Is this not beautiful and it comes with its own beautiful wooden box?  Actually, all pieces from this shop are sent neatly packed within their own wooden boxes making it a very special gift to receive at any time.

I  found a pair of pierced earrings made from Red California Manzanita and Gabon Ebony Woods Cabochons surrounded with Sterling Silver Bezel.  These are simply natural and beautiful.  Handmade by Corliss and John Rose of the 2 Roses shop in Aneheim, California... These will look spectacular in my ears!

These wood pieces of personal jewelry are wonderful.  Hand made wood of course paired with silver and in my humble opinion these won't be on the shop shelf for long.  The shop is filled with interesting pieces, these are of course my choice for Santa to leave under my tree. 

Remember, if you can't find exactly what you want ask the shop owner for a Custom made order, tailored to your specific design or color choices, something this beautiful cannot be a wrong choice. 

Once again I wish to emphasize these are hand made items from Individual Independent shop owners at Etsy and no two shops are the same, as no two artists are the same.  If your looking for a very unique gift to give, then shopping at Etsy is the place to find Unique!  Etsy is where you will find one of a kinds, unique;y designed, stunning stand alone items and not mass produced.  The gifts you choose from Etsy are special, and the person you gifted will not meet themselves with someone wearing the same article or piece of jewelry because really no two hand made pieces are ever exactly the same. 

****The choice of items I choose to write about is my own, I am not affiliated with any crafting community, sellers or the shop owners or individual or company!    I do not extract nor do I get paid  for my publications of any item or items or personal opinions contained within this my personal blog.   I do not know nor am I affiliated with any person or shop I write about whatsoever*****

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