Friday, September 26, 2014


You know your getting old when your baby turns 40!!!   So a Very HAPPY DAY to my 40 year old.....

Etsy began and remains a more or less a hand made based platform for small craft bsuiness owners to sell hand made and hand crafted products from. 

As a crafter and a small business owner, I rely on other small business owners to sell me the supplies I need for my craft and without them.  These shops make it easy for me to continue doing what I do best and still buy what I need from right here in my own domain!  

Today I would like to introduce you to but a very few of the hundreds of suppliers at Etsy.  A small business thrives when the supplies they use to make their items are the best of quality and because we want the best for our customer base we buy from those we trust to sell us the best there is to be had. 

Because my shop sells fabric items lets look at a few suppliers I w\found to share with you today.    

TAKE ZIPIT for some of the best zippers I have ever used for my quality quilted bags.  The variety of sizes and colors are wonderful...

The variety of zippers is vast!  One of the line of extra large zippers I buy goes into an item which features children.  Children need to be safeguarded and so when I use this particular zipper I know I am using the best and that their tiny fingers won't be hurt when they use my product. 

Trims are also important to seamstresses and sewists (using a word I read in the forums the other day!) there are trims, buttons, embellishments, laces, threads, linings, stabelizeers, batting and so much more of my craft type items being sold through Etsy supply shops that I need not spend time and money running around to buy what I believe I need.  

At LaceFun wonderful trims can be purchase in the line of lace and rhinestone embellishments and much more.  The variety this shop sells is wonderful! Like this beautiful silver bridal lace!  

or this Swarovski Crystal Applique which is too beautiful!  Wonderful for those who sew for Brides or Christenings, First Communions, Evening gowns, what a boon to have found just what you need and all here in front of your computer.

I use a great deal of buttons and twill in my crafts, the buttons in my line of crafting are for my t-towels I make and give to seniors every Christmas because my seniors love my type of towels.  

Here are some I love to use and I actually discovered these at the Little Red Cottage!  Buttons, who doesn't love buttons and some of the best variety I have seen, as I said, I use buttons for crocheted topped t-towels I give at Christmas time.  These finish my towels perfectly. 

 I just love the large buttons with loads of good color because I know my seniors can easily manipulate the button. 

 Who doesn't love polka dots?  Look at this variety of colors!

There is a larger variety of buttons to choose from and each shop keeper has their own customer base and know what their customers want, so check around, you'll definitely find what it is your seeking at Etsy Supply Shops. 

TWILL is an important feature in many of the bags I make and I can purchase that as well from the Little Red Cottage. 

With Halloween right around the corner many who sew love to make treat baggies for the little trick or treaters, well look at this fabric I found at 
 OmasFabricandGifts!  "I love the name Oma because that is what we call our grannies in Dutch)

 This fabric is adorable for treat bags. 

 I personally love this south western fabric.  
There is a large selection of juvenile novelty print for children of all ages......

Wearing my shoppers hat I find that shopping right here in my own home wonderful, the variety of shops who sell supplies to crafters such as myself are varied and many, in fact I could spen a wekk just shopping for supplies in my hobby dealing with gas prices, no having to worry about the weather or even getting dressed, I can do all of my shopping online at Etsy and know full well I am going to get exactly the quality I want. 

Shop keepers who sell supplies for crafting are special shop keepers, where in the name of sanity do they keep all  of the inventory they carry?    These supply vendors know their customer base and strive to sell nothing but the best. 

Speaking only for myself, I am grateful they are here for me!

One tiny favor to ask of you, I wrote about New Morning Glass in yesterdays' post and if you would like to help a fellow Etsian Artisan, then take a few moments and go and cast some votes for them.  They've been nominated in the Wildcard category of Martha Stewarts' competition.  read all about it here. Take a moment and vote for them, our votes may go a long way in helping them to win.  Not just win, but possibly responsible for creating another job for some one who needs it. 

When you make the choice to shop at the establishments of small business everywhere, you not only help small business,  but your money helps local economies to remain stable and also to grow.   Small business is the backbone of any prosperous nation, so help your economies, shop small business today!

****The choice of items I choose to write about is my own, I am not affiliated with any crafting community, sellers or store owners and no individual or company pays for my blogging about any article or item contained within this blog. I do not know nor am I affiliated with any person or shop I write about in any whatsoever*****


Michele Reed said...

Thank you for the kind shop mentions! I love selling buttons and trims in my shop!

Mitts McMaster said...

Oh my goodness, I just love the supplies your shop carries! Super variety!